Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ronen Siman Tov First Works 1

Picture of a black Star of David inside a three dimentional work is courtesy of Jerusalem artist Ronen Siman-Tov who made it before starting his artistic career. He told me that in his humble opinion this work is more exciting than later "educated works" because it is more energetic and less influenced.
I already published one of Ronen's Star of David works presented in the Star of David in Israeli Art Exhibition, which was opened in Yavne Gallery on the 23 March 2007.

Ronen Siman-Tov

Picture is courtesy of Jerusalem artist Ronen Siman-Tov. It shows a work that is presented these days in the Star of David in the Israeli Art Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which was opened on the 23 March 2007. 
It is hard to see in this photo the red Star of David inside the white line on the upper right , and it is hard to find it even when you look at the framed painting in the gallery, but once you see it - it changes the whole understanding of the painting, and it is full of energy.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle,Florida

This picture of a stone sculpture six-pointed star  in a fountain is courtesy of Simon Ignatowski who took it at Coral Castle in Florida and published it on Flickr 

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rev. William Buehler’s Mystical Approach

I sent Rev. William Buehler an email asking how does he see the Star of David. Following are some excerpts from his answer:
These notes are in a mystical context, not in an academic thread, however probably more informative than you'll generally find regarding actual meaning and application. If you are comfortable with the mystical approach I can probably go more deeply. I'll provide some introductory information…
I became a mystic in about 1970 while still in the US Navy. Some of my friends and I were experiencing paranormal events and I wished to know how and why these things occured. I was a Commander and didn't worry about my career so I did my work and put extra time into trying to find answers. The events included levitation, past life recall, telepathy, out of body, and the usual list of such things. I also went through some notable past initiations from different religions, apparently upgraded to my present time.

I soon found out that the Jewish and Christian priests were not of help so I found answers in the Eastern schools. However my archetype is in the Jewish and Christian system(s) so I decided to (1) learn contemporary mysticism in the Western cultures where it seemed relevent to present events, and (2) do my own translation and interpretation of the Jewish and Christian scriptures, ignoring most or all existing commentaries (none of relevance). I retired from the Navy and went to American University (Washington DC) to design my own MA in Religion. I wanted the time and discipline of the academics who permitted me the freedom of the mystic approach...

I specialize in grid systems used in temples and earth grids. I find that the patterns can be applied to groups. Study of scripture involves exactly the same technique…

The equilateral triangle has its main apex in the north, representing the balanced right/left brain. The SE corner is the right brain function, the SW is the left. People or actions will organize themselves in that format. The other triangle will have the same organization but reversed. Lines across the poles unify the two. Place people in those points. This is also the key to understanding the "division of labor" for the 6 entities in the Transfiguration 6-point in Mark 9:2-13. Yeshua, Moses, Elishah are in one triangle, Peter (Kaffa), James (Yachob), brother John (Yachan: sons of thunder, also Zebedee: dowry) in the other ...

use Hebrew names for all to determine their poles. This is one of the greatest 6-point stars you'll find. The main use of the Shield/ Tsenah-Dowd or "Key" of David (Rev 3:7-13) is in forming the central pillar of all temples or personal application, called the Layooesh Pillar in modern mysticism (Gate of the Lord in Ps 118:19-23). A star tetrahedron (interpenetrated tetrahedrons) is formed, then an "Ennead Flash" (9 poles or "Anchor of God" in the Reshel's Tsadey pole), then a star pentahedron (two pyramids interpenetrated). This generates the Pillar form needed to access Metatronic/Messianic levels. Then a classic temple of 12 poles is formed to hold the higher field. This can of course be done simply through meditation without the formats however serious light work requires more efficiency in doing more tasks, more accurately. This demands more exact management of thought forms. The 6-point forms the star tetrahedron. In the Reshel the equilateral triangle is called the Haepathia. The apex pole formed by two golden ratio spirals is labeled the Vau pole. The two base points are the Yud and Beth poles...

one would need to know what these actually DO. The Reshel's other half interacts to use the two triangles in different reality frames, the Shield of David (love, cauldron) being one of them.

Ivory Yellow Stars

Ivory Yellow stars in the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which opened on the 23 March 2007. Artist and curator Roni Reuven saw these Ivory Yellow Stars in collector Beno Calev's house. Two of Roni Reuven's works which are shown in the exhibition depict these Ivory Yellow stars.

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion hexagramPicture of hexagram Optical Illusion is copied from of Wikipedia
The information that the eye gathers does not fit the physical measurement of the object… 

Davidic Dynasty Coat Of Arms

David Hughes wrote an article titled Davidic Dynasty, where he claims that
The "kindred" of Jesus and their male-line descendants were honored in very high degree both by Christians and by various Jewish interest groups alike, as heirs of ancient Jewish royalty, or as earthly representatives of "Christ", the eternal king of the universe. The descendants of The Holy Family were called the Desposyni" /"Desposynoi", meaning, "The Master's Kin". The "desposyni" took the surname "Kyriakon", meaning "The Lord's House". Their claims to be the successors of "another king", one, Jesus, other than Caesar (Acts 17:7), made them rivals of the Roman emperors, and, as such the emperors Domitian, Trajan, and Hadrian, carried out proceedings against the "Desposyn[o]i" [descendants of Christianity's "Holy Family"]. Their emblem, or coats-of-arms, varied from a depiction of the "madonna and child", to a depiction of the "paschal lamb" crucified on a cross, to a depiction of "The Holy Grail" painted on a round shield with the supporters of a lion, representing "Judah", and a "unicorn" representing the "Desposyni"; and its crest was the six-pointed "Star of David" inside the circle of the depiction of the sun shining at its splendor".

I sent David Hughes an email asking him to tell more about the "crest [that] was the six-pointed "Star of David" inside the circle. Here’s his answer:
The coat-of-arms which has two supporters, a lion and a unicorn, with the star of David inside the circle of the sun as its crest appears in the thirteenth century [or possibly as early as the eleventh century] to be the coat-of-arms of families which claimed descendant from the desposyni. There were three such families which resided in Britain according to the "Triads". The design is based on the Jewish symbol [or coat-of-arms, so to speak] of the Davidic Dynasty which derived from various Bible verses, such as judges 5:31b "as the sun when it goes forth in its might" or psalms 84:11a "is a sun and shield". There is another Bible verse where God promises David an eternal throne and links it to the sun as a symbol of His promise, which reads "His [David's] seed [dynasty] shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before Me." I cannot recall the exact Bible verse at this time. The coat-of-arms of the Davidic Dynasty is based on that verse. I think it was invented in the sixth century BC, but not sure. It had only one supporter, which was a fierce lion, frontal view, with a crown on his head holding a round shield with the Star of David on it. Thus, one sees only the lion's head and shoulders and paws [or hands] and his feet upon which the shield rests. He also holds in one hand a scepter, and in the other hand various objects that differed from one another according to the artist's design, sometimes a sword. The lion's feet stands upon a scroll-like design upon which is written the dynasty's motto: "God, and My Right" referring to the Davidic covenant. The shield is silver and the star on the shield is gold, that is, metal on metal in medieval heraldry was reserved only for the Davidic Dynasty, for all other coat-of-arms were either color on metal or metal on color. I think the Star of David is ancient in origin, cause we know that Bar Kokhba had a shield with the Star of David on it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Zionism" Film in Yavne Exhibition

Aran Patinkin's "Zionism" 45 seconds film is now playing in a loop in the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which was opened on 23 March 2007. Curator: Roni Reuven. The film is intended to show that Zionism is not self evident: it is composed of complementary parts that make sense only when they work together.

Roni Reuven

This is the second painting of Yellow Badges by Roni Reuven, the curator of the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery, which opened on 23 March 2007.

Ganesha Yantra

Amrita Ambika from Flickr wrote to me:
Ganesha is a formless representation of God (Many Hindu Gods/Goddesses have this "star" on their yantra, like Vishnu, Gayatri with several stars, ...).
Search "yantra" on Wikipedia, I'm affraid that knowledge is poor about the yantra!
But is it a very powerful tool!

Pavle Bidev wrote about The Origins of Chess:
The Sanskrit terms for the Indian primeval chess and its pieces have been well-known. The chess was called "chaturanga"...Not only by its name, but also by the way in which it moves in the primeval chess, the elephant symbolizes the air. The geometric picture of the air in the Indian philosophy of nature is a six-pointed star - i.e. two intercrossed triangles...The connection among the elephant, six-pointed star, and airy space exist in the well-known myth about the conception of Buddha. The six pointed star is the geometric emblem of Ganesha, the god with the elephant head. That emblem consists in fact of three six pointed stars. on put into the other ...Ganesha, as the donor of wisdom, wealth and as the remover of obstacles, is the most popular deity of the Indians. Only in the holy town of Benares he has about 200 temples.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wedding Quilt

Picture of this original and impressive quilt is courtesy of Aviva Hadas who made it. 
The Hebrew letters are a verse from Hoshea 2: 21
And I will betroth thee unto Me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto Me in righteousness, and in justice, and in lovingkindness, and in compassion.

I don't know if Aviva Hadas sells her wonderful works but I am sure that they are worth buying...

The Jews of Aquileia

This close-up photo of a six-pointed star is courtesy of "lovethebees" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
Are you sure it is a Star of David? It is a Christian basilica; my wife says it's impossible it is a Star of David. Ciao.

Well, I’m not sure, but it is a six pointed star made of two equilateral triangles just the same as the Israeli national emblem. I think it might belong to the Jews of Aquilea because:
If you’ll read Samuel Kurinsky’s article - titled “The Jews of Aquilea A Judaic Community Lost to History”- you’ll see that there was at the first centuries CE a Jewish community  in Aquileia...
The white lily motif in the center of the star appears also in Ein Yael in south Jerusalem in a farm with a Roman villa from mid-third-century A.D. (from the same period as ours).
In 1981 Professor Eric Myers of Duke University found in Villa Torlonia in Rome a series of Jewish catacombs, which were in use since the first century CE. several of them show a six-pointed star.

Israeli Diving Federation symbol

Israeli Diving Federation symbol jewish star This is a unique design of a Star of David in the shape of a fish on the logo of Israeli Diving Federation symbol. Photo is courtesy of Mr. Liron Tirosh, General Manager of Israeli Diving Federation who wrote to me that illustrator Shlomo Cohen, one of the first divers in Israel, designed this logo and it became one of the most popular car bumper-stickers. There are today More than 120000 registered divers in Israel; each holds a certificate with the above mentioned logo.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Time for Peace

Picture of this super-original clock is courtesy of Jennie Gottschalk who designed it and published it on Flickr.
Jennie Gottschalk wrote in the caption:
Here is another "Star of David" graphic, inspired by Ze'ev. He's the "ideas man". All I have to do is create the graphic.

There are two six-pointed stars here, gold on top of silver , with a slight twist which creates an interesting framing for the letters. The letters are instead of numbers, the way Orthodox Jews design their clocks. I hope some entrepreneur will notice this design and buy from nzdzeni the rights to produce it in REAL silver and gold.

Count the Stars, If You Can

Picture is courtesy of Aviva Hadas who made this gorgeous quilt and published it on Flickr under the title: "wedding signatures". 
Reminds me of the verse in Genesis 15:5 where the Lord God took Abram outside and said:
Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can.

Jewish Stars Are Everywhere in India

Picture taken near Rishikesh, Indiaia, is courtesy of "Bear and Pocket" who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption: 
Jewish Stars are everywhere, and apparently they're just a decorative symbol (from what we've been told)...this one was on the window of the jeep we took through the national park.
Bear and Pocket wrote to me:
we are Jewish, so we find all the Stars of David especially meaningful.
it's fascinating to see them all over india, where we're
told they are a decorative icon!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Roni Reuven- Yellow Badges

Roni Reuven, the curator of the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery which opened on 23 March 2007, is also one of the participants showing two paintings of Yellow Badges.


Artist Shosh Segev came to the opening of the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery on the 23 March 2007 with a black dress ornamented with Star of David embroidery, made especially for the occasion. She also presents there a work made especially for the Exhibition. I think all the other works were created long ago for many other reasons. This is what I call intention!

Shosh Segev Embroidery Close-up

This is a close-up on Shosh Segev's Star of David embroidery which she made on her dress especially for the opening of the Star of David Exhibition in Yavne Gallery on the 23 March 2007.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shosh Segev Embroidery

This is an embroidery made by Israeli artist Shosh Segev especially for the Star of David exhibition in Yavne Gallery which opened yestarday. 
The reflection in the glass of the frame shows me taking the photo and the Star-of-David-Chuppa created by artist Yaniv Shapira.

Star Glasses

I asked Jennie Gottschalk, whose computer designs I favor, to illustrate Star of David sunglasses and she accepted my request. At first glance I saw a male wearing Star Glasses, a second latter I realized it is a woman.
I like the result and even more I like the creative cooperation between me and Jennie Gottschalk, which seems quite a precedence here on Flickr (correct me if I'm wrong).


Picture is courtesy of Matthew Field who published it on Flickr and who wrote to me:
they were selling them in all the Dominos in South Korea last October. I didn't try one so I don't even know what the star topping was made of.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Stand Alone

Picture is courtesy of "tvangoethem" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
The hexagram here is one of the very limited times you'll see it alone in India. Typically Moghul architecture will use the hexagram as part of a tessellation. 

Copper Jewish Star

Picture of  copper Jewish Star is courtesy of Sarah Feingold who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
This is a copper enameled star. Copper enameling is the process of melting powdered glass on copper. To see more of my work visit For more information, check out my profile.

I like meeting designs of our national emblem in materials that are new to me, such as this original design.
copyright: Sarah Feingold and Feingold Jewelry 2007. 

Star of David Leggings

Picture of Star of Savid leggings is courtesy of "tierra95" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
My daughter's 14 year old friend (who is not jewish btw) was wearing them with a lime green mini and bronze ballet flats and a mohawk. she looked super cute.
I saw Star of David earings and necklaces, neckties and nose-rings, hats and pins, but this is the first time I see it on leggings.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ethiopian Orders

Ethiopian Order of Solomon's Seal is a cross inside a Solomon’s seal. It is suspended from a green ribbon. It was established by Emperor John IV in 1874.
“The Most Exalted order of The Queen of Sheba”, 1922, Awarded by Empress Zawditu to ladies, is also a cross inside a Solomon’s seal.

Strongest Versus Weakest

ATR commented
The star is reaching out in all directions and anchored by a central point, I would surmise to be the Torah. Each of the six lines of the star is attached to another, and stands upon a foundation. The whole star system is very powerfully supported in its design.
You might contrast this with a swastika, which also has six lines, and without support or anchor. The Mogen Dovid is the strongest and most supportive thing you can do with six lines. The swastika is the weakest.

Karachi, Pakistan

Picture of six pointed star on Merewether City Tower, Karachi, is courtesy of by Ali Adnan Qazalbash who published it on Flickr. The design is in the English Medieval style.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Iranian Bronze Bowl

The British Museum exhibits a tin bronze Bowl from Iran, Khurasan, 11th century, which is 

decorated with a six-pointed star

Armenian Stone Cross Monuments

Hexagrams appears on over six metres tall khatchk'ar monuments [khatch = cross and k'ar = stone]dated 1191, near the chapel of St. David in Armenia.

Stop Learn Math

On March 2nd, 2007, Patung wrote in Cities & Regions, News, Java, that:
The head of the organizing committee of the PKS, in… East Java, one Ach Ready, has threatened to erase some kind of artwork, perhaps a mural, at the Adipura park in the city, which he says is a six sided star and therefore looks like the Star of David on the flag of Israel.
There were 28 Comments to this article among them was this one which I liked the most:
Dimp Says:
I think they will not learn math as well as the triangle clearly part of the star of David, and next they will eradicate the color blue as this is also the color of star of David, next the word star will be eradicated, and demanding people with the name of David to change their name.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thought Provoking Idol

This is one of the most thought provoking images I ever saw! 
What is My National Emblem doing on the heart of this Idol?
What whould have been the decision of the first Zionist delegates who chose this emblem to represent their movement if they saw this photo before voting?
How does an anti Israeli thug react when he sees this Heart Chakra?
Picture is courtesy of "friendly terrorist" who took it in Baktapur, Nepal.

Hexagrams on Ceremonial Staffs
 Patan Museum
Nepal, 19th-20th century
CC Image by poorfish from Flickr

Key Chain

Key Chain Jewish starI thing I'll buy myself this expensive Star of David key chain for my next birthday. Photo is courtesy of New York designer Tova Botwinick.

Israeli Independence Poster

On this golden Charm Bracelet the Jewish Star represents Independence.
Picture of this original Israeli Independence poster is courtesy of my favorite computer designer Jennie Gottschalk who published it on Flickr. 

Monday, March 19, 2007

Crystal Lotus

Crystal Lotus Hexagram Picture is courtesy of "ShaRi" who published it on her blog under the title RainBowTaRA.
ShaRi wrote to me:
The photos are digital collages done in Photoshop. Funny, when I finished this collage, I noticed for the first time that the crystal lotus made a six-pointed star, although if have used this image quite extensively in my collages!


Earings jewish starPicrure of these gorgeous Star of David earings is courtesy of New York designer Tova Botwinick. Hand-carved and cast in Sterling silver or gold.

Christmas Lights in a Zoo

Picture is courtesy of "Dale" who published it on Flickr. Dale wrote to me that 
The picture is from the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. They put up christmas lights each year & as with most holiday displays a portion is set up for haunaka as well.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kosher Soap

Star of David Kosher Soap picture is courtesy of Todd Ehlers from Flickr
Even though the Star of David shape is missing from this product I thought it fit to include it in my blog since it uses the name of our Jewish emblem for promoting sales.
The Star of David is an inter-religious symbol which was used by Budhists, Christians, Moslems and Jews all along history, but do the non Jews use this soap?


Hexagram on the roof Picture is courtesy of "Seema K K"  who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption that this shot is from one of the backwater villages in Kerala.

Homs, Syria

Bob wrote on his Blog Nine Months in Syria under a photo of a mosque window-screen full with Solomon’s seals:
In the Muslim World, the six-pointed star is a Muslim symbol. From Yemen to Egypt to Syria, it was incorporated in Islamic architecture from the first centuries of Islam. David is considered a Muslim prophet (along with Moses and Jesus); the six-pointed star in Islam is also called the Star of David. Last weekend, a Syrian friend invited me to his family home in Homs, Syria's third largest city. We visited one of the city's oldest mosques, located in the labyrinthine souq. Under an archway and down a few well-polished stone steps from the market bustle, black, metal doors opened into the serenity of the mosque. The doors were decorated with a familiar symbol: a repeating Star of the Prophet David.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Symbols Are Very Dangerous Things

On December 18, 2005 Rabbi Jeremy Rosen wrote on his Blog
Symbols are trivial but very dangerous things. For millions of people the Cross is a source of comfort and reassurance. But if it has been held over you or your relatives while they were being burnt, raped or slaughtered, then the Cross is a hated symbol of pain and oppression. The same can be said of the Crescent, the Star and Sickle and... the Magen David. If you are wearing the wrong football shirt in Istanbul there is a serious chance of getting stabbed, and in parts of England having a broken beer bottle shoved in your face. And if you wear a kippa or a hijab in parts of France you run the risk of violence... Religion, Politics or Sport are all often the excuse for mindless thugs to use violence.

Male And Female In Jewish Mysticism

Canadian Rabbi Asher Jacobson said in an interview about the Da Vinci Code:
In Jewish mysticism it is explained that the Star of David is the symbol of the world and of God. The arrow pointing downwards is God. God is seen as the male because God is the one that gives life. God is the creator, the father, the master. The world, the universe, everything of creation is compared to the female for it receives. It receives life, it receives sustenance, it receives Godliness. This is similar to the chalice and the blade… although I think in the novel the roles are reversed with the downwards triangle being the feminine and the upwards triangle being the masculine. 

Bali-Beg Mosque in Serbia

Solomon's Seals in a window of the 16th century Bali-Beg Mosque, Niss Fortress in Serbia, which was built by local Turkish ruler Bali beg.
Picture is courtesy of Babsi from Flickr whose works I adore...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Morocco 25 centimes Coin

Solomon’s sealSolomon’s seal on a 25 centimes Morocco coin which was issued in 1921. Photo is courtesy of Approche numismatique.

Pentagram Within Hexagram

Pentagram Within HexagramThere were times when both pentagram and hexagram were named Star of David, or Solomon's seal, but to add confusion here is a strange phenomenon where the one is surrounded by the other. The coin is from Morocco its value is 100 francs and it was issued on 1953.
Picture is courtesy of Approche Numismatique.

Mamluk Mosque, Delhi

Picture of Solomon’s seal in the 1190 Great Mosque of Delhi (Mamluk) is courtesy of "philputnam" who published it on Flickr. Delhi is full of Islamic monuments bearing Solomon’s seals.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Star Mosque, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Plenty of Solomon’s seals (from 1926) appear on the walls of The Star Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which is a Mughal style mosque with hundreds of big and small stars as decorations… Picture is courtesy of "fatal Cleopatra" from Flickr.

Astronaut Ilan Ramon

Astronaut Ilan Ramon felt as a representative of the Jewish people:

·        He took into space a mezuzah with a Star of David, a microfiche of the Bible and a tiny Torah scroll.

·        He used to carry a Star of David on his shirtsleeve.

·        He was not religious but he decided to eat kosher food in space.


Rabbi Shraga Simmons wrote:

After the tragedy, I saw an editorial cartoon that depicted a father and son, gazing at the night sky. Seven stars dotted the heavens -- six regular stars, and one Star of David. As the father placed his arm around the boy's shoulder, he pointed to the Star of David and explained: "That one is Ilan Ramon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Solomon's Seal Legend

Joseph Jacobs and M. Seligsohn wrote in the Jewish Encyclopedia:
The legend that Solomon possessed a seal ring on which the name of God was engraved and by means of which he controlled the demons... is especially developed by Arabic writers, who declare that the ring... was partly brass and partly iron. With the brass part of the ring Solomon signed his written commands to the good genii, and with the iron part he signed his commands to the evil genii, or devils...The legend of a magic ring by means of which the possessor could exorcise demons was current in the first century, as is shown by Josephus' statement ("Ant." viii. 2) that one Eleazar exorcised demons in the presence of Vespasian by means of a ring, using incantations composed by Solomon.
The Arabs afterward gave the name of "Solomon's seal" to the six-pointed star-like figure (see Magen, Dawid) engraved on the bottom of their drinking-cups.

Koch Fractals

Koch Fractals HexagramKoch Fractals look like six-pointed stars.
Picture is coied from Wikipedia (I slightly edited it with Photoshop).
In the Wikipedia entry for Fractal they say
a fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole.

Massiah Borochoff Building

Star of David above the window of the magnificent building of Bucharian merchant Massiah Borochoff which was built in 1908, in Jaffa Street, Jerusalem, Israel.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Beloved is Mine and I am His

Song of Songs David's ShieldDid you know that the shadow of the Star of David is in the shape of a heart?
Picture is courtesy of "jennifer.white" who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption
Song of Solomon 2:16 "My Beloved is Mine and I am His" . To me that is really what love is about.

Arab House near the Temple Mount

Picture of a Hexagram on an Arab House near the Temple Mount is courtesy of "keithwills" who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption:
The Arabs will tell you that they were the first to have posession of the temple yet here we see the star of David on one of their buildings. They built most of their area of the temple from rubble from the old temple.

It seems to me that these Stars of David, about a meter below the roof of this building, are not that old but keithwills surely chalenges the experts to explain where did these emblems come from...

Church in Brazil

Many hexagrams on Badass Catholic Church in Niteroi, Brazil.
Picture is courtesy of "Biyah" who publihed it on Flickr. I'm waiting to see if Biyah will find the story behind these beautiful white hexagrams...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fools of Prophecy

A Magen David surrounded by pomegranates on the announcement about the show of the Israeli rock band called Fools Of The Prophecy. I guess the Magen  David is meant to emphasize the word Prophecy since the band is dealing with Judaism and humor.

Mosque in Purana Quila, Delhi

Picture of Solomon’s seal on the walls of a mosque is courtesy of "highlandmc" who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption: 
I saw the star of david in most of the mosques in India. In midage it was a commonly used sign.
Purana Qila means Old Fort and it was built by the Moghul emperor Humayun in the 16tt century in Delhi, India.


Dachau Jewish star Picture is courtesy of "_Babsi_" who published it on Flickr. 
This Jewish Star on a Dachau bowl is exhibited in the new Dachau museum exhibit in the former concentration camp administration building which was opened to the public during the annual Dachau Memorial Service, held on May 4, 2003. This is one of the most impressive Stars of David I ever saw...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

YMCA West Jerusalem

The Star of David was and is an Indian symbol (from BCE), A Christian symbol (from first century CE), a Muslim symbol (From 7th century CE) and a Jewish symbol from the middle ages. It is shared by all the major religions and thus it fits to serve as a future shared inter religious emblem. 
Picture is courtesy of Tierecke who published it on Flickr. 
Pay attention to the small yellow Star of David on the left of the chandelier. It is part of a series of attempts to let the three monotheistic religions find expression in one magnificent building.


I already wrote a lot about the special connection between the Star of David and the Menorah, but this is a unique exaple of their unison.
Picture is courtesy of Rob Hoey from Flickr who took it at Parkway Jewish Center on Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.


Shaddai jewish starThe Hebrew letters that you see on this impressive pendant are Shaddai, one of 72 Judaic names of God. It is common custom to inscribe one of these names in the middle of the Star of David. In Hebrew there is no star for the name of the hexagram – it is called Maged David, which means Shield of David. Now, David didn’t need any shield when he fought Goliath – in fact Saul gave him armor but he took it off. He believed that God, Shaddai, is his shield. Same logic here – the pendant doesn’t protect you from your enemies– God does!
Picture is courtesy of DrgnMastr who wrote under it that he got this pendant from his father when he was 16 just when he started his studies in the university.
The enamel was originally black but 35 years of wear has had it effect on it. The Hebrew lettering from right to left reads phonetically as "Sha-Da-Y", which I've been told mean "The One and only" in reference to G-d.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

King David Hotel

The 1931  King David Hotel on Julian’s Way ( today King David Street, Jerusalem, Israel) was built by a Jewish-Egyptian Banker named Mosseri , and Stars of David decorate its rooms. The Designer was Swiss interior decorator Hofschmidt.

Ring of Planets

Dennis William Hauck wrote an Interpretation of artist Matthieu Merian's 1618 Tabula Smaragdina (Emerald Tablet) engraving which contains a few yellow Hexagrams:

The first area encountered as the alchemist travels along this vertical axis is a Ring of Stars in which seven larger stars predominate. This stellar ring presents the seven alchemical operations as cosmic principles available to sentient species everywhere... To the left of the large triangle is a smaller downward-pointing triangle representing Water or Mercury; to the right is a small upward-pointing triangle representing Fire or Sulfur. Below the central triangle is the Star of David, which symbolizes Salt, the union of Fire and Water, the permanent coming together of the Above and the Below.


Eileen Galer wrote in 1995 a small article titled: Astrology: The Star of David and in it she says:
On July 21st of this year we have a very beautiful combination involving all of the planets... The pattern itself is a hexagram, or Star of David. This symbol of the Jewish tradition actually comes from India, representing the union between Shiva and Kali with the energies perfectly balanced. The triangle with the point down is the feminine principle, and the point up is the masculine principle. It is these two principles that have been out of balance, resulting in the situation in which the world finds itself today. 

Friday, March 09, 2007

I love the Star of David

Israeli Lottery Company, Mifal Hapayis, distributed thousands of these stickers and now one can see them everywhere. Here it is stuck to an electricity box near Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, Israel. Mifal Hapayis intended to read this: "I love Israel" but because I have a special relationship to our national emblem which is the subject of my research and my blog - my reading is: I love the Star of David...