Monday, June 25, 2007

Zionist Wall Hanging

Postage Stamp Zionism art jewish star A Star of David on a stamp titled Zionist Congress - 100 Years Since The 1st Congress.
The stamp shows a wall hanging of Herzl on David's Tower. The design was inspired by the style of the artist E.M. Lilien.

Yellow Star of David In Jewish Art

Dr. Abraham D. Lavender from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in Florida International University wrote an article titled Art as an Expression of Sephardic and Crypto-Jewish Identity. Here’s an excerpt about yellow star of david in jewish art:
 Artistic expressions of Ha Shoah generally did not begin on a large scale until the 1980s because of the emotionalism and shock of the annihilation, but now this is by far the most frequent and most emotional subject (Baigell, p. ix). Previously unused or little used themes now are frequently used: for example, railroad tracks, boxcars, burning buildings, and the yellow Star of David. In fact, Ouaknin states that since Ha Shoah the yellow Star of David has acquired a noble title and bearing as a reaction to it being a symbol of Nazi annihilation.

Korner's Folly

Photo is courtesy of "allstarstuff' who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
It is part of the floor in a small area of a house in Kernersville, NC called Korner's Folly. I'm not sure that it was meant to be a religious symbol; given the nature of the house, my guess is that the owner/architect, Jules K├Ârner, just liked the geometric shapes.