Monday, December 25, 2006

Nazi Poster

Nazi Poster Jewish starThis poster with a red Jewish star was copied from Wikipedia entry
"The eternal Jew" Nazi Film Poster.
It appeared on the film's program which was written by Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda

Kagome lattice

Kagome lattice Hexagram
The name Kagome means the pattern of holes ("me" for eyes kago for a basket .
Did ancient Israelites take the Star of David with them to different countries after their first and second Temples were destroyed? A positive answer to this question might help shed some light on the origin of this symbol. There are many groups who are candidates for this investigation: Yemenite Jews, Cochin Jews, lost tribes etc.

Few researchers claim that ancient Israelites arrived to Japan and left there some Jewish artifacts. The founder of the Makuya Japanese cult Ikuro Teshima believed these Israelites were called the Hata tribe and that They left Kagome crest at some of Shinto's oldest and most important shrines; the crest, a relatively simple shape, is a six-pointed star identical to the Star of David.
Picture of kagome lattice Hexagram was copied from Wikipedia

Prof. Shiloni wrote in his book that Isa stone lanterns, bearing Stars of David, were established in the 20th century by a manufacturer of soy sauce that had this trademark 
Source: Hebrew article:

Floor Tiling in Budapest

Floor Tiling in Budapest Hexagram patternBudapest, Hungary, Parliament .

It is brought in Wikipedia as an example of wallpaper group and is Computer-enhanced, so that it is hard to understand how the original tiling looks like.