Sunday, February 24, 2008

Macedonian Ishak Bey Mosque

Turkish district of Skopje, Macedonia - Ishak Bey Mosque was built in 1483 by Ishak Bey and it has a tomb behind it decorated with faience, and a Solomon’s seal made of dark and light blue tiles. It seems like a unique pattern (I never saw it before) which is composed from 48 small triangles that create a hexagram inside another hexagram.
Picture is courtesy of Kat Rybnik from Flickr

Jewish Lantern

Very short film about
Milestones in the "history" of the Jewish Lantern, developed by my son
The film is based on a
Powerpoint presentation
converted to video format by
wondershare PPT to YouTube

Himalayan Symbol of Education

Himalayan Symbol of Education hexagram

Photo of Himalayan School with a six-pointed star above its window as the symbol of education is courtesy of Moshe Gorelik who shot it in 1987.

Copyright: Moshe Gorelik 2008.