Friday, June 22, 2007

Six of Hearts

Tamir Cohen JWT designed an interesting Star of David made from six hearts on enormous billboards bearing the text
From the depth of our heart - thanks to The Israeli Defence Forces

The posters caused a political scandal because Microsoft logo appeared on those billboards.

Orpheus Christus

J.B. Friedman in his book [Orpheus in the Middle Ages, Cambridge, 1969] tells about an amulet in the British Museum, which contains on the reverse Jewish inscriptions, the six-pointed star  the figure of Christ-Horus, symbols of the sun and the moon, and the letters of Christ's name surrounded by the Uroboros. 

Holding Hands

Postage Stamp logo jewish star A design full of inspiration of a Star of David made from holding hands on a stamp titled Pioneer Women 50th Anniversary issued on 05/08/1975. Associations of interlacing are built-in into this symbol because it is made from two interlaced equilateral triangles, but admit that you didn’t think about the possibility that Designer Asher Kalderon revealed here.