Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Human Star of David

Human Star of David
Summer Camps at the Former Soviet Union
CC Picture courtesy of "The Jewish Agency for Israel" (c) from Flickr

And They Took Their Colors

New work by Sabina Saad © dealing with the subject of the artists who perished during the Holocaust

Technique: three-dimensional;; acrylic on palette cut from wood, and brushes

Size: 45 X 29 X 10

This Work is meant to be displayed alongside a blank canvas to inspire the viewer to think about the enormous amount of works that we lost because the artists were murdered , or because their works were destroyed by the Nazis.


The place for colors in the palette is covered with yellow stars uprooted from their places.

It is noteworthy that the dominant color in most of the works of artists who perished during the Holocaust (with few exceptions) was the black color.

Readers are invited to add in the COMMENTS section names of artists that perished during the Nazi Era