Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chinese Hexagram Lampshade

I just got this white Chinese Lampshade from China Town, New York. Iit has on its bottom a black hexagram surrounded by a black hexagon.

Good And Pleasant It Is For Brethern To Dwell

I already published on this blog a Star of David with a Cross, a Star of David with a swastika, and a Star of David with a Crescent, so in order to make this meeting of religious symbols more complete here's a Star of David with Om. 
Picture is courtesy of "ez2axs" from Flickr who wrote to me:

I took this photo in a suburban home of a friend's friend in Chennai, India. The friend's mother is an artist, sculptor and teacher who has travelled extensively in Asia and studied various Eastern and Western religions and philosophies. She does not believe in any religion, but believes in the power of light and human endeavor (as per a conversation we had on my only visit). She collects and makes lots of religious and culturally symbolic art and artifacts from her home.