Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dangerous Button

ART Yellow Badge Intuitive painter, Rachel Ben Hur, sent me this photo of a yellow Star of David button and told me it belonged to her mother who lived in Bulgaria during WWII. She went to visit her husband. The train she was on was full with Germans. She was afraid that the button might indicate that she's a Jewess and tore it off. Rachel told me that in Bulgaria the yellow button was used instead of the yellow badge.
Copyright: Rachel Ben Hur 2007

Fly High

Photo of Magen David with balloons that were released to the skies of Siegen, Germany, during the Pro-Israel initiative 2007, is courtesy of "neveragain2006" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
The Magen David was produced with water cut technique. As you can see on the photo, it was our aim to let it fly high above our city in Siegen. We celebrated an Israel birthday party in the city. If you want more information about the pro-israel-initiative, you'll have to go on our website and then use a translation by Google.
I followed the link and saw the Star of David with the balloons in the video on this website. I also translated with Babelfish the opening excerpt:
Why we celebrate Israel’s birthday?
A public celebration for the 59 Birthday of Israel… means today far more, than expressing only solidarity in relation to the state, which nevertheless earned fully and completely our support, appreciation and friendship, as the only democracy and as the only quite-national order in the Middle East. By this celebration we express our astonishments at the fact that the Jewish people could return to the land of Israel, after centuries of being scattered among all nations, after centuries of suppressions and Pogroms, after centuries of political, religious and ethnical Anti-Semitism.
Siegen is in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, in Germany and has 100000 residents.

largest Star of David

Joshuasocean sent me a photo of 1 mile diameter Star of David that he found on Google Earth and wrote to me:
It may be the largest Star of David "symbol" on the planet. I've been googling for a larger one but so far have had no luck. It is unfinished and I don't know what the actual plan for development was.
The town is called EL JOBEAN it is part of Port Charlotte Florida. The towns name was derived from an anagram of the 1920 developers name JOEL BEAN. In the 20s there was a land boom and areas were commonly changed from anglo to spanish sounding names.
Apparently in the late 70s another developer created these hexagonal roads which form an "unfinished" Star of David. The 80s real estate bust in the area stopped the completion. Route 776 runs thru the center where there is a small park.
The actual star pattern is tilted 30 degrees. You can google maps or earth it to get a better picture.
5 miles to the south west is Rotonda a community shaped like a Giant Wheel. It may be the largest wheel shape on earth. It also has a piece missing.
160 miles southwest in the Dry Tortugas is Fort Jefferson, the largest masonry structure in the western hemisphere and also apparently the largest hexagon.

In order to see the photo you’ll have to download Google Earth and look for EL JOBEAN.