Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tehillah School

School Star of David logo

The design of the logo of the Jerusalemite Tehillah School for religious girls includes a Star of David.

60 OR 65 years of Israeli Independence

logo with  Jewish star Dick Ben Dor told me that it took him some time to understand that this logo with  the Jewish star was marking on 27 May 2008 the foundation of Holland Jewish immigrants to Israel Organization, and not 60 years of Israeli Independence.

It Wasn't A Shield

israeli ART, Sabina Saad, Yellow Badge

Copyright: Sabina Saad 2008

Sabina told me that this work started when she realized that in Hebrew the Holocaust yellow star is called Yellow Badge and not Yellow David’s Shield. She thought the reason for this special naming was that it didn’t protect the Jewish victims. Then she illustrated this insight by painting a torn dismantled Yellow Badge and showing the stitches.