Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hamsa with Star of David designed by Aviel Barklay ("soferet" from Flickr)
The Hamsa symbol appears frequently along with the Star of David, and I have the impression that the reason for that in the last ten years or so is commercial.

Fire Amulet

Picture of Fire Amulet Magen David is courtesy of Aviel Barclay who published it on Flickr.
Aviel Barclay has a unique profession - she is a soferet (ritual Hebrew scribe).
She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and makes Judaica articles.
Aviel Barclay designed this amulet of the Hebrew holy name of the Lord inside David's Shield for Lag Baomer, Jewish holiday in which kids are making bonfires
and added a warning:
& remember, kids: only YOU can prevent forest fires…

Seagull Mandala

Seagull Mandala Magen DavidSeagull Mandala picture is Courtesy of Ofira Oriel, Israeli mandala painter and a fan of Jewish Stars