Monday, October 15, 2007

First International Chess Competition

chess-cancel-magen-davidIn the Israel philatelic Federation website there an interesting catalog of cancels. Here's one of the cancels that appear there- it was issued in 1958 for the first international chess competition in Israel and it shows a chess board and a Star of David on it.

Israel: Open Your Eyes

Israel ART Jewish starPhoto is courtesy of painter Iveta Burnstein.
Title: Daughter of Israel Opens Her Eyes
This painting takes part in an exhibition titled 60 years old [Israel] opens its eyes
Curator: Reli Wasser
Opening: 15.10.2007
Rosh Pina Museum
On the catalog I found the following caption [My translation from Hebrew]:
"The woman stands for the nude nation of Israel trying to cover herself with the map of Israel, with its flag and emblem, but many other nations want Israel so that the cover is partial and there are many gaps.Iveta was born in Latvia and studied in the Faculty of Art in Riga. She made Aliya in 1998; lived 4 years in Tel Aviv and decided to move to the North. She makes ceramics decorated with Jewish motifs and paints with oil on canvas and with water colors on parchment".

Pay attention to the three Muslim women staring at the Daughter of Israel.
Copyright: Iveta Burstein 2007