Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Healing All Disease

In Manly P. Hall’s book titled THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES, 1928 there's a paragraph about Dr. Sigismund Bacstrom who believed that if a physician could establish harmony among the Four elements, and unite them into the Philosopher's Stone symbolized by the six-pointed star - he would possess the means of healing all disease.  In Alchemy the Philosopher's stone is represented by a dot over the upper right hand point of the hexagram and this point is meant to represent the presence of God 

Beit-Hagefen, Haifa

Beit-Hagefen (House of the Vine)is an Arab Jewish Center that was established in 1963 to promote coexistence issues of Jews and Arabs and Christians in the northern part of Israel.
This picture was taken by me.

Sevilla Cathedral Spain

Sevilla Cathedral Hexagram picture is courtesy of "nirakara" who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
As for the story on it I don't have too much on it, though if you search for the Cathedral of Sevilla you'll find it easily online. I think it's the largest in spain and like many of the larger churches in the south of spain it used to be a Mosque and was converted when the area was conquered. It gothic in nature and so in that way it uses a lot of visual detail employing all kinds of geometric symbols and wether this particular one was used with meaning is probably anybody's guess.

Building was begun in 1402, with construction continuing into the 16th century.