Tuesday, July 17, 2007

German Boycott Stamp

German Boycott Stamp Star of David Star of David in the center with torches on the sides on a
Pre-World war II Stamp issued by the US around 1933, as a reaction to German boycott of Jewish stores.
Caption runs: "For the Humanity’s sake Don’t buy German Goods".

Lodz 1943 Coin

10 Mark coin with a Star of David and with the word "Ghetto" and the year, 1943.
Jews were not allowed to use German currency and they had to make Jewish money
Photo is courtesy of Dr. Amir Zohar  (C)

Yellow Badge in Berlin

Photo is courtesy of "Smutchings" who published it on Flickr under the title Labelled Jew. Smutchings doesn’t say it but I reckon he shot it in Berlin Holocaust Museum. Eventhough the badge is white on black it is evident that it was yellow when the picture was taken. The photo has a powerful impact not only because it is powerful but also because it is exhibited in Berlin, the capital city of the Evil Empire of the Third Reich.