Friday, December 21, 2012

Karl Fabergé Frame

 Tim Richman Gadoffre is researching into the six pointed star in the work of Russian jeweller Karl Fabergé (1846-1920)Tim sent me this image bearing  workmaster's marks for Mikhaïl Perkhin and explains that this frame references Russian Orthodox Christian symbolism, of two interlocking triangles. The triangle itself represents the Holy Trinity: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 
Phototographer: Katherine Wetzel - Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (c).
P.S from 9-10-2013
I am sending you a slide with a pair of similar Fabergé Star of David frames, this time by Mikhaïl Perkhin, to follow the photo of the frame I sent you a while ago which is in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond. Bequest of Lillian Thomas Pratt.
The former was purchased on December 3, 1896 by Tsar Nicholas II, and contained a photo of his second daughter Grand Duchess Tatiana.
It was a cherished possession, and was among the Tsar's belongings taken to the "House of Special Purpose" in Ekaterinburg in April 1918.

The frame on the right hand side of my new slide, attached, has interesting Provenance, suggesting that in this instance. 
This Star of David frame was purchased by a Jewish merchant, Boris Leibowitz for his wife née Berch.

By comparing two similar six pointed frames by Fabergé, we can deduce that the Star of David motif resonated strongly with both the Russian Orthodox and Russian Jewish communities of Russia at the end of the 19th Century and early 20th Century. I find it inspiring that the Star of David should be a unifying theme between cultures. These frames give us tangible examples of the enduring and unifying appeal of Sacred Geometry.
With my warmest wishes, 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wine Emblem in Alsace - Six Pointed Star

Riccardo Buelli from Italy sent me the following photos taken a few years ago in France
Riquewihr, Alsace:

Antoine Zimmer is a wine Producer located in
44, Rue du Gal-de-Gaulle 68340 Riquewihr France

Preiss Zimmer is a wine Producer located in
44, Rue du Gal-de-Gaulle 68340 Riquewihr France

Friday, October 26, 2012

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Subramaniya Yantkam Malabar, India

From: Omens and Superstitions of Southern India by Edgar Thurston, 1912 p. 185:
"Subramaniya yantram, if regularly worshipped, will expel devils from those attacked by them, and from houses"

Hexagram surrounding a triangle pointing downward (symbolizing water) on the back cover of 
Omens and Superstitions of Southern India by Edgar Thurston, 1912

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Museum of old gravestones in Kerman, Iran


 Star of David (Muslim Solomon Seal)
surrounded by another Star of David surrounded by a circle
With inscriptions in Arabic
  in the Museum of old gravestones in Gonbad-e Jabaliye, Kerman, Iran

 Inside the Museum

  Outside the Museum

Monday, July 30, 2012

Old Fire Safety Sign

Star of David on a Coal Iron
Meaning: old fire -safety sign
Reason: in alchemy triangle with its one point turning up represents Fire while the opposite triangle  represents water and together they represents fire-water (alcohol). 
for new fire -safety signs See: 
Courtesy of (c) Pietro Bisenzi 2012

After I published this post Pietro Bisenzi sent me another item from his collection of things related to ironing. 
It is a Sad Iron which carries the date 1877, six petaled star surrounded by a circle and a star of David surrounded by a circle

Sabina Saad sent me a link about sad irons:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Andrew Noble's article: The Caduceus, the Star of David & the Omega

The Star of David encodes the same message as the Caduceus, representing our energetic structure and the life force that makes us human all birthed from the transformation of the closed Alpha to the open Omega.  Before you move on, be sure to note that the ‘exit point’ on the magic squares below to the next brane or level in 3D space is number seven and that the magic squares are constructed with nine numbers. Some interest in geometry will assist one’s appreciation of the relationships between these symbols though the same story can be appreciated by simply examining the symbols and their use in various cultures.
  See images number 2, 6,7 from

You’ll find the Star of David at the centre of the flower of life. Also, watch Flower of Life Video with Nassim Haramein –
To fully grasp the relationship between the Star of David & the Caduceus it is necessary to delve into a little mathematics & geometry –
the math does not lie; the proof is in the geometry.

The Star of David also encodes the basic reality of our world, duality, in the same way the Tao does. Already covered in some detail here -
Often it is easier to look at the works of artists from various cultures to really appreciate this life force.

Image from my Bali trip 2012

Mythical Hindu Deities at a Balinese temple with glowing energy orbs. 
Notice the spin on the orbs.

Image from my Bali trip 2012

Art imitating nature – Look for the energy orb built on the Star of David template and spiral.

Image from my Bali trip 2012

Spinal column with representation of the life force in the shape of the Caduceus.
 (Temple on Legian St, Kuta)
Image from my Bali trip 2012

Balinese Hindu’s work with the ‘eight points’ rather than the six as found in the ‘Star of David’.

 Image from my Bali trip 2012

The Hindu’s mark the ‘life force’ with a Swastika too. The ‘life force’ has ‘spin’ or motion as an identifying property. The Spiral and Swastika are ‘over-head’ visual representations of the serpent-shaped structure formed by the Caduceus or life force.
  See image on
Seven Chakras with the heart Chakra marked by the Star of David.  (brow & crown Chakra are not heavily marked in this image. The Star of David is used here to encode our dualistic two hearted nature, either positive or negative. See the seven positive and negative virtues that emerge in the mind maps below. The number seven is referenced in multiple cultures and is often associated with something hidden or secret.

According to tradition, the rod of Aaron bore sweet almonds on one side and bitter on the other. This must therefore be the Caduceus & not the single Serpent staff of Asclepius representing disequilibrium or illness. To grow wings & fly, cultivate the positive virtues. Was this the knowledge David carried as his shield from God?

   The Mayans were aware of this knowledge. They had the Seven Serpent, Xilonen with the entwined serpent life force. They also used hexagonal geometry (See:

  My Sumba expedition 2011

On Sumba, land of the Megalith builders, this - Ina Mawolo, Mother of Being, Sky Goddess & Ama Marawi  and Father of Creation, Sky God, God Father, birth their seven positive or negative natures via a geometric six straight lined structure (look carefully at the monkey faces). The sun & moon are the two primary sky gods on the island of Sumba.  

My Sumba expedition 2011

Checkout that magnificent Omega and geometrically chiselled ten pointed Star. The Omega or Mamoli as it is known on Sumba or Enneagram from the Ennead Cosmogeny is the birthing principle behind the life force represented by the Star of David and Caduceus. Wilhelm Reich carried out a lot of study on the life force principle and called it Orgone Energy.

Source: Wikipedia entry:Tlaloc

 Once again, this knowledge was available in the America’s too. See the Omega symbols next to the head of Tlaloc, the Mayan deity.

The Balinese Hindus use the human shape with the uplifted feet & toes with the male genitals on a praying deity to represent the birthing aspect of the life force. Note the nine points that describe the edge of the Enneagram.

Nice geometries on the tomb megalith. The island of Sumba is littered with these Stone Megaliths and Catholic churches.
One fractal reality, multiple universal symbols representing various aspects of that fractal reality.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Six-pointed stars in the Grolier Club's emblem

Jay  wrote to me:
"I visited the Grolier Club in New York City last Friday for a lecture,
and immediately saw the club's emblem in the foyer. Unfortunately no
one present knew what the stars symbolize".
(c) Jay
Readers who know what the stars in this emblem symbolize
are invited to comment under this post.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hidden Six pointed Star on the British 20 Pound note

Hidden Six pointed Star on the British 20 Pound note
(The Red Lines are mine)
Symbol Researcher Andrew Noble Wrote to me:
"The 20 Pound note... clearly displaying the Hexagram, though disguised or
hidden... I'm not sure why the British like to hide their use of the Hexagram though... Certainly the Hexagram was used by Constantine along with the double cross & the Caduceus & possibly the Swastika."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Six pointed stars on banknotes of the Bank of Scotland

Six pointed stars on the Royal Bank of Scotland 20 Pounds Sterling banknote
Same design for the 10, 50, 100 Pounds banknotes 
Thanks to Alex Nakaryakov for referring me to this picture

Six pointed stars on Cossack flags

 Six pointed stars around a Christian Cross on 
(1657- Bohdan Khmelnytsky (1595  
banner exhibited  nowadays
at Armémuseum, Stockholm, Sweden
CC Picture  from Wikipedia Entry: Bohdan Khmelnytsky
Thanks to Alex Narayakov
For referring me to this picture along with other 
 six pointed stars on Cossack flags like
Banner of Zaporizhian Sich, a historical (Russian) territory that existed 
between the 16th and 18th centuries
:CC Picture  from Wikipedia Entry 
Category: Zaporozhian Cossacks flags

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Star of David Art - Exhibition in Paris

See on line Albums at: 

The Star of David Art Exhibition took place in the
Salon d'Art Contemporain Paris
at the  Bnai Brit Convention
on 3 june 2012
Curator: Babylone El-Baze

Place: Salon Catherine Max Paris

 List of exhibitors in the Bnai Brit Convention and among them
(on the right of the first line - Babylone)


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Woman With Oranges by George-Tooker

Tilework  with Stars of David in an endless pattern as background in
Woman With Oranges by George-Tooker (1920-2011)  
Painted in Spain in 1977
Thanks to Yosef 22 Adar for referring me to this work of art

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Star of David on a Seal Stamp from Bavaria

Pictures are courtesy of Mike Espenschied (c), a metal detectorist in Bavaria, Germany. He recently found a wax seal stamp dating to the 1300-1400s with the Star of David and possibly a swan, phoenix or maybe a dragon as the image on the stamp. It may be related to beer breweries in his local area. Readers who want to help Mike Espenschied to learn more about the seal are invited to comment at the bottom of this post.
About the connection to beer breweries see my article

Monday, April 23, 2012

Paddle Boat Steamer 1866

Huge Star  of David on a Paddle Boat Steamer 
Albany, New York
= =
 Courtesy of Stephanie Comfort

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Roman Mosaic at Stabia

Black and White Roman Mosaic at Villa Arianna, Stabia
Dating to the 1st Century C.E. at the latest,
 since this small port town near Pompeii 
was also destroyed by volcanic ashes in 79 C.E.
In Pompeii there are many mosaics with six pointed stars from the same period

Picture courtesy of Mark Mansfield (c)
See original:

Knot Art

Six pointed stars in Girih (Knot Art ) at the
Mustansiriya Madrasah, Baghdad, Iraq, 1227
CC Picture from Wikipedia entry: Mustansiriya Madrasah

Girih (meaning knot in Persian) is the name of geometric interlacing patterns in Islamic decorative art that can be considered as a type of arabesque. Researchers assume that Girih was influenced by Roman knot patterns dating back to the 2nd century C.E.

 Roman knot pattern (Solomon's Knot) from Aquileia Basilica 
CC Picture from Wikipedia entry: Solomon's Knot [1]

Six pointed stars are seen often times in Girih. One of the first examples of Girih is at the Mustansiriya Madrasah in Baghdad, Iraq (see picture above). Other early examples are found at the Umayyad Mosque (709–715) in Damascus, Syria (in window screens) and at Khirbat al-Mafjar in Jericho (c.730)-  in window grills with curved lines. Girih appears frequently also in Moghul art.
Geometry or mathematics may explain the composition and the basic meaning of symbols like stars with 5 ,6 ,8 points, but their interlacing seems to be influenced by previous knot art

Interlaced Pentagram in Capernaum, Israel
Courtesy of Gabi Goldman

Interlaced Octagram in East Jerusalem, Israel
Photographer: Ze'ev Barkan
[1] Solomon's Knot is called in Latin Sigillum Salomonis, meaning literally "seal of Solomon". This name was ascribed sometimes also to the 5 or 6 pointed stars. Lois Rose Rose in her book Seeing Solomon's Knot (2005, ISBN 097776700-0) claims that examples of Solomon's Knot are dated back to 30000 B.C.E. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sikh Star

 Six pointed stars pattern on the pavement in front of 
 Amritsar Golden Temple, Punjab, India
the spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion
Built in 1604
Rebuilt in 1764

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Google- More Sizes

 When you hover with your mouth over one of the pictures in Google Images Search Engine the picture gets a little bit larger and on its bottom appears a link to MORE SIZES...thus you can see all the websites that use your image - like in the above screen shot.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Japanese town Emblem

 Japanese town  Emblem: Otaru,  Hokkaidō
The kanji 小 (o) inside a star of David symbolizing snow
Source: wikipedia entry- Otaru

Japanese town  Emblem: Matsumoto Nagano
 Pine (matsu) needles encircle the kanji 本 (moto)
Source: wikipedia entry Matsumoto 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Michael Knigin Remembrance Exhibiton

Michael Knigin 
Blessed Be His Memory
Contributed to this blog many pictures of his Holocaust Art

Remembrance Exhibiton: 
April 15-May 29
Temple Adas Israel
Sag Harbor
 See some of his works on

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Beer Signs 18th century Alsace

Tavern with hanging Beer Sign (Star of David in a circle, Brewer's Star)
 is a well documented phenomenon in French/German Alsace area, 
from the middle ages until now
Block printing on cotton 
18th century
Picture courtesy of 
Esther Fitzgerald (c) 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

My new Gallery about Seder Plates

Seder Plate from Germany c. 1900
Source: CC Picture uploaded to Flickr by
center_for_jewish_history NYC
See my new

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Arab Stars of David

When I lived in Gilo Neighborhood (South Jerusalem) I was told that this was the building of a Jordanian judge. Anyway, it's clear that this building  was under Jordanian control until 1967 and Jews were not living there at that time.

The building is located on Hebron Road between Mar Elias Monastery and Gilo  

On the columns - Arab Stars of David

Zoom-   Arab Star of David

Arab Star of David-General View