Saturday, March 29, 2008

German Postage Stamp

German  Christmas six-pointed star Postage Stamp

Christmas six-pointed star appears on a Germany-Berlin postage stamp issued in 1983. Courtesy of Ronik from Israeli Collect Forum

Stella Octangula Music Band

There's a band called Stella Octangula which uses on it's website many interesting three-dimensional Star of David images. They started playing in late 2006 and named  their band after Kepler's famous Stella Octangula, eight pointed 3D star.

Impossible Star of David-2

Impossible Hexagram

Photo is courtesy of Dan Feldman who wrote to me that the impossible triangle and the impossible Star of David interested his son Ariel of Blessed Memory.

He built a 3 dimensional model which could be seen from a certain angle as an impossible Star of David, made from two impossible triangles cut in the middle of the flanks. In addition, you can see the Star of David shape in the center of the structure.

Copyright: Dan Feldman © 2008