Friday, December 08, 2006

First American Consul to Israel

Warder Cresson (1799-1860), was the first American Consul to Israel. He converted to Judaism in 1844 and called himself Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham.

Cresson wrote an autobiography titled Key of David, which you can read on-line
in APPENDIX J. Mogan David; or the Shield of David under his drawing of a Shield of David He writes:

…and as in this Shield of David is represented the Double Triangle of Fire, Light, and Spirit, united and blended with Body, Soul, and Spirit; yet we see God is EXALTED ABOVE ALL THESE, "BLESSED FOREVER and EVER."

Margaret Starbird

Margaret Starbird wrote a chapter about the hexagram in her book The Woman With the Alabaster Jar (Bear and Co, 1993).
She also wrote an article titled: The Archetypal Mandala of the Star of David.
She interprets the hexagram as "peace on earth".

The Static and the Dynamic Concept

The following paragraph is from a new chapter, The Time Space Correlation, which doesn’t appear on Dr. Asher Eder’s book The Star of David, which was published in 1987 in English in Jerusalem by Rubin Mass Ltd.

35-2. B) Detailed explanations:
1. The static and the dynamic concept.
The straight lines of the figure may mark the universe as perceived by our natural senses and represent the mechanistic concept (as developed by Galileo Newton, and others).
The curved lines mark the universe as space bent in itself and the dynamic principle as developed in modern physics. There, everything is seen in relation to the speed of light as the one constant in nature.
Both views, the mechanistic and the dynamic, are valid and exist side by side, provided that the mechanistic concept is seen within the frame of the overall dynamic principle. (In our daily lives, we can do with the principles of classical mechanic since the speeds, movements, and distances are so minute that they can be considered like zero in comparison to those prevailing in the universe).
The question which principle we like to work with depends on the angle we look at things, and on the purpose we pursue. Perhaps we can compare this with our attitude towards the atomic forces which we can perceive as particles or as waves, and which we can take advantage of in nuclear processes; or, to some degree, towards fire which we can perceive and utilize as heat or as light (in this case, however, due only to their different wave lengths).

35-3. 2. Movement.
Creation, both the first act of creating "something out of nothing", as well as its continuation since then, means to cause motion, i.e. movement - movement towards, and in, atoms, life, and galaxies, be it in the form of physical, chemical or biological processes; or as waves of any kind; or in emotional, intellectual or spiritual processes. Even conceiving an idea for doing something specific is a creation (as e.g. in arts, craftsmanship, fashion, architecture, etc) with its consequent process of working out the details and, finally, giving it material shape and substance.
Line a-b, depicting energy in action, stands for the whole variety of those movements which are bound to work simultaneously in one direction, but it stands as well for any specific movement under consideration.
Even within an apparent chaos or turbulence of movements we can eventually discern a certain order which we conceive, describe, and define as laws - laws of nature as expressed in sciences, or laws of the spirit, as enjoined by the Prophets. This pattern of order before the background of the chaos leads also from the point of science to the conclusion that the creation is not something accidental, a happening at random, but that it is purposeful and aim-orientated. Science discovered indeed what the ancient Hebrew language expressed in the term אל, El (as mentioned above). The hexagram expresses this aspect by its straight lines, foremost in the line a-b which depicts the movements, as well as by its symmetry.
Our limited abilities to perceive and to comprehend the different movements and their interactions find their graphic expression in the line k-l which is a fraction of the line a-b.
In this context, we should remind ourselves that nature does not know geometric patterns like triangles or squares; it operates in circles and other bent lines. With the exception of crystals and honey combs, triangles, squares, and the like, belong to man's world and are an imposition on nature. The impossibility to exactly "square the circle" could remind us of this limitation of ours to rule nature completely, notwithstanding the fact that the value of pi = 3,14 suffices for our daily needs. Thus, also our hexagram is a design of Man - and the Sign of Man as well.
We should also be aware that evolution is brought about by the movements caused by forces in their actions and interactions within a time span, and not by time as such as some evolutionists like to have it (in fact, they only replace the word Creator, or Creating Force, by the word time).