Thursday, May 08, 2008

Remember Babi Yar

From Othervoices dot org:
Marilyn Rosenberg's Remember Babi Yar is an evocation of the thousands of Jews and Russians annihilated at Babi Yar, with the stack of bones and yellow stars emanating from the pages as separate entities and the headlines of newspapers and archives demonstrating the devastating tragedy of that event. Yellow stars everywhere

Polard Gathering, Israel's 60th Independence Day

Star of David appears as a part of the name PolardThe Star of David appears as a part of the name Polard (Hebrew) on a poster inviting the Jerusalemites to a gathering summoned to call for his freedom. Photo taken at Gaza St. , Jerusalem on the eve of Independence Day 2008

Private Celebration

60th Independence Day logo with a magen David60th Independence Day logo on a private car expressing the joy of a simple citizen. Eventually non-commercial non-organized joy - Hallelujah!