Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Benjamin of Tudela Postal Stamp

Benjamin of Tudela Postal Stamp jewish star
Stars of David on Benjamin of Tudela Postal Stamp issued in 1998 in Spain -Jewish culture series

Suggestions to change Israel’s emblem YouTube Presentation

Suggestions to change Israel's emblem that were designed in 2001 by first and second year students in Wizo Design Academy in Haifa guided by Hayim Shtayer and Terry Schreuer; courtesy of Hayim Shtayer.

E.M. Lilien YouTube Presentation

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E.M. Lilien YouTube Presentation
Photos (with Stars of David) are courtesy of Gideon From Israeli Stamps collector's Collect Forum, Hayim Shtayer from Haifa, bookplates collector Bob Weinberg, and isotype75 from Flickr