Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Archaeological Garden

In the Israeli president's residence there will soon be an archaeological Garden whose motif is Jewish heritage in Israel. In it there will be

Capitals, door lintels, relief decorated friezes, mosaics, and dedicatory inscriptions from… Jerusalem, Ramat Rachel, Samaria, Mazor, Caesarea, Tiberias, 'Ilut, Korazim, Gush Halav, 'Alma, Tel Dan, Horbat Shura, Horbat 'En Nashut, Horbat Kanaf, Afiq, Rafid and other sites.

One of the items is a 
Basalt pillar stone with relief decoration depicting a Magen David  and Rosetta [from the] Synagogue [of] Horbat Shura,Upper Galilee 5th-7th century CE.

Decorations and Medals

The Star of David appears on the following Decorations and Medals of the State of Israel:
1. Heroism Decoration-"Awarded for exceptional courage during fighting, against the face of the enemy, while risking one’s life... This award is estimated to have been awarded around 40 times (perhaps half these awards posthumous)".
2. Police Heroism Order
3. Volunteers Ribbon -Awarded to people who lived in the territory of the state of Israel and served in the UK armed forces or in the Turkish armed forces during WW1.
4. Badge for service with British Forces during WWII
5. Nazi Fighter Ribbon and Medal 

- Awarded to Israeli citizens who, during WW II, fought against the Nazis as partisans or as underground movement members and to veterans of the Soviet armed forces who have emigrated to Israel.

Star of David on a Church

I saw a picture of a Star of David on the Santa Croce church in Florence. This arose my curiosity and I started searching who's behind this rare phenomenon. I read that it was designed between 1853 and 1863 by a Jewish architect from Ancona, Niccolo Matas [1798 - 1872].

Matas had wanted to be buried with his peers but because he was Jewish, he was buried under the porch and not within the walls. Another interesting note is that the large Star of David which dominates the top of the facade is in recognition of the Jewish community's support for the construction of the building.  


Star of David Tattoo

Star of David Tattoo
Photo is courtesy of David I. Herman, from Redmond Washington, owner / operator of "Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.
David wrote to me the following:
The tattoo was done in Michigan when my shop was in Oak Park. I am of Jewish heritage, thus a Jewish/Buddhist tattoo artist. The client is Jewish and is proud to be Jewish, he also has a Hamsa on the other shoulder with the "eye of God" - the raised arms of Jewish slaves - and the tablets of the ten commandments. I included it for your curiosity". I am an ex advertising executive, martial artist, world ranked roulette player, and now a humble tattoo artist and painter. Well, not so humble, I work hard at my craft.

I wrote him back:
This Star of David design of yours is a delight to my eyes...