Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hexagonal Postage Stamps

Bulgarian star of David made from six stamps

Commemorating 100 Years to Sofia Synagogue

Issued on 09.09.2009

Designer:Radoslav Iliev

Thanks to Cvetan Cvetkov for referring me to this stamp

Since I consider myself the inventor of the six-pointed-star-shaped postage stamps I felt intimidated by this rivalry, but:

  1. It was issued after “my Stamp”
  2. It wasn’t six-pointed from the start.

This set of 2 stamps, which shows Aldabra giant Tortoise, was released on 2 August 2008 by the Indian postage Service. The stamp in picture is courtesy of Mansoor Hussain who wrote to me:

It is not star shaped (originally it is in hexagonal shape) it has been cut from the sheet in star shape.

Copyright: Mansoor Hussain 2008


White on Blue (instead of the blue and white national Israeli colors) Magen David on the coats of the Makoya members who arrive to Israel.

Photographed by Zako and all rights are reserved to him.