Saturday, August 11, 2007


Star of DavidART Zionism Star of David fire in E.M. Lilien's illustration “To the Martyrs of Kishinev”

Illustrations for Juda

Star of DavidART Zionism Star of David behind a princess with Hebrew letters on her dress in E.M. Lilien's illustration for, Juda (1900), Biblical-themes poetry by his Christian friend, Börries Freiherr von Münchausen.


jewish star ART Zionism Photo of a comet in the shape of a Star of David on a bookplate by E.M. Lilien made for Dr. Franz Oppenheimer is courtesy of bookplates collector Bob Weinberg
I think that the message is that zionism is the fulfillment of Balaam’s prophecy about Jacob’s Star which was interpreted as revival of the Jewish people and its monarchy.