Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ministry of National Infrastructures

Ministry of National Infrastructures Jewish starthe logo of the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures has a superb Star of David design, but it is hard to find what is the connection between it and the Ministry’s responsibilities.

What Is A Symbol

What Is A Symbol HexagramPhoto of Photoshop symbols of the major world religions is courtesy of Siuloir-Domhanda who published it on Flickr. It includes from top-clockwise:
Neopagan spirituality, judaism, christianity, sikh faith, hinduism, taoists, Islam Buddhism.
The Star of David is a Symbol – but what is a Symbol?
I entered the keywords DEFINE: Symbol into Goggle’s search-window and got many interesting answers. You may do the same...

Moroccan Seal of Solomon

Moroccan Seal of Solomon Marc Pelletier wrote a brilliant article that tries to answer the question:
Why did the Moroccan ruler My Sulayman [1792-1822 AD] use the Seal of Solomonon for his bronze Falus? It also answers the question why this shape appears on some Moroccan flags…
But how did this symbol (Seal of Solomon) succeed in rallying the population to bronze coins? It was seen as a protective magical icon and as endowed of it's original power as a buckler. Moreover, it's magical powers are multiplied by the fact that it also represent a pair of eyes - one upright, and the other flipped over - sharing a single pupil. It thus acts as a shield from the "evil eye". It is preponderant with it's magical power.

Comment by Yosef22Adar
Other Moroccan Coins:

                                                              1893 bronze 8-fels coin