Sunday, June 17, 2007

British Nigeria

British Nigeria Solomon’s seal
This is how the flag of British Nigeria looked between 1 Jan 1900 - 1 Oct 1960

vegreville egg

Photo of six pointed stars on the vegreville egg is courtesy of "striatic" who published it on Flickr.
Vegreville is a town in central Alberta, Canada. …The July Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg) Festival showcases Ukrainian culture in Alberta. A large percentage of Vegreville's population is of Ukrainian Canadian descent. The world's largest pysanka was created to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1974 and to celebrate Vegreville's ethnic heritage.

The Sacred Symbols of Mu

James Churchward wrote in his book (The Sacred Symbols of Mu By , 1933) that  the two triangles within a circle enable 12 divisions representing the 12 gates to heaven Each gate represents  a virtue : Love, Faith, Hope Charity etc. Churchward claims that Mu was a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean, which was destroyed  tens of thousands of years ago; He tells that while serving with the British Army for thirty years he befriended a priest, who revealed to him ancient tablets written in an unknown language and taught him how to read this language, Naacal. The tablets were discovered in Mexico by an explorer named William Niven.