Friday, March 31, 2006

Sending Emails about our Stars of David

Star of David is called in Hebrew Magen David, but Magen David has also another meaning: it is the name of one of the Jewish blessings. There are many Congregations and synagogues around the world called "Magen David": for example: in Rockville Maryland, in North Dallas, Texas, in Brooklyn, NY, In Bombay, India, In Israel… I think all these are taking their names from the Magen-David-blessing and not from the Magen-David-symbol. I saw a picture of the Rockville Synagogue but I didn't notice a Magen-David-symbol on the front of the building.

Anyhow I sent a few emails to these Congregations hoping that the identical name of our Stars of David and their name of Congregation will trigger some dialog. My hopes for an answer are low since nowadays people tend to ignore emails from strangers but anyhow - it keeps me busy…