Thursday, November 15, 2007


Protest-david-shieldRed Star of David under a Hebrew (vegetarian?) black on black sticker protesting against eating meat.
Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2007

The Star of The Whole Wide World

furniture-jewish-star-signStar of David in the center of a furniture shop sign. At first sight it looks like the Israeli flag but there the star is blue and the background is white and here we see another version. The caption under the flag is: “importing furniture from the whole wide world”. It seems that unconsciously the designer of this sign hit a nerve- the Star of David was used by everybody, or as the sign says: by "the whole wide world".
Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2007

Background Pattern

Star of David Background HerzlOn the background of this poster we see a yellow pattern of Star of David & Herzl. The poster is an invitation to a party (in Israel). It shows that the national emblem (and the founder of the nation) are popular. They do not serve only the government and the official needs - they also speak to the people and are handy in everyday life.
Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2007