Thursday, July 12, 2007

Several Words about the Star of David

By Aviva Beigel.
[my translation, zeevveez]

As an artist who works with emblems and searches for their significance I discovered at first the five-pointed-star and started adding it to my works.
Later I searched for its Hebrew parallel; I found it in the Star of David which looked to me, from the aspect of its shape, to be more complete because of the fact that it consists of two intersecting triangles.
The Magen David began to penetrate into my works in an unconscious way, if due to its connection to the Israeli flag or due to its connection with our past as Jews in the Holocaust: The yellow patch.
As far as I am concerned in my works it serves somewhat like a stamp, or additional signature, it indicates my self-identity, personal and national.

Maximilian Goldstein Bookplate

Star of David Bookplate-5 Photo of Star of David, books, open book and Menorah in a bookplate that belongs to Maximilian Goldstein is courtesy of Lew Jaffe who posted it on his blog, which is dedicated to Jewish bookplates.
It is always a challenge to try to find the bookplate's owner – in this case my guess is that it belonged to a judaica collector from Levov who was born in 1880, who popularized the idea of a Jewish museum.

Metz, Gothic Cathedral

Metz, Gothic Cathedral Christian Hexagram
My good old friend just came back from a trip to France where he shot this Star of David stained glass window in the Gothic Metz Saint-Etienne's Cathedral, which was built from the 13th century until the beginning of the 20th. It is 123 meters long. The good news are that my blog has such a presence that readers and friends start feeding it. I hope that in the [near] future I will stop searching for new materials and the blog will happen by-the-readers-for-the-readers.