Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Just a Pincushion

Picture is courtesy of ringwormone who published it on Flickr. It's just a pincushion but it makes me feel as if the pins are hurting me. In other words IMHO this symbol doesn't deserve this usage. Nevertheless it looks great, and the photo is super artistic, colorful and innocent...

Beyond the Star

Picture is courtesy of "spoedman" from Flickr who wrote to me
I'm afraid I can't tell you where exactly it was, except that it was in East Berlin, somewhere between the Vitra Design Museum and the Mauer Park. I saw it when walking that stretch, and was inspired by the graphical aspect, only to grasp the symbology and metarphorical part of it when I saw the picture

Gold Star of David

Gold Star of David Copyright: "Sarah Feingold and Feingold Jewelry 2006" 
Copied from Flickr 
Sarah  wrote to me:
This unique and contempoary Jewish star pendant took me over 3 years to design, and I think the time I spent on it was worth every minute. The pendant is around 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) long and weighs around 2.75 grams each.