Friday, February 15, 2008

Ottoman Banknote

Solomon’s seal Ottoman Banknote.

Solomon’s seal surrounding the number 10 (Lira) on an old Ottoman Banknote.

The First Sign Or Hieroglyphic Of Amsu

Readers who can send me the sources for the legend that the 6-pointed star was the first sign or hieroglyphic of Amsu the risen Horus- are most welcome.

Cistercian Monastery, Germany

Annemarie Schimmel brings in her book The Mystery of Numbers ISBN 0195089197, in the Chapter about the number 6, p. 125 a photo of a

Six-pointed vault closure in the church of St. Mary at the Cistercian monastery of Doberan near Rostock, Germany, late 13 century…

Hexagram on a Rose Cross

Hexagram on a Rose Cross

Photo of Hexagram on a Rose Cross was belonging to the occultist Golden Dawn movement was copied from Wikipedia [entry: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn]. Israel Regardie in his book The Golden Dawn: A Complete Course (ISBN 0875426638 p. 287- 299) has a whole chapter about The Ritual Of The Hexagram, describing how to use its angles according to planets, colors and the sephirot of the Tree of Life