Friday, February 22, 2008

Anti Semitic Propaganda on YouTube

Hate can make you create! Here’s an example (he found the Star of David even in the Atheists emblem!)

From: deloreanflux88

Added: July 02, 2007

The Jews are out to get us. They want to steal all our money and force us to read their boring Talmud and Torah books. We must fight back. Almost everyone is secretly a Jew these days. May Allah empower us to fight off this Semite scum!!!(I forgot to put Raelians in here. They are also JEWS!!! LOOK AT THEIR STAR OF DAVID!!)

The Lamb of the Order Of The Temple

Charles G. Addison wrote in his book [The History of the Knights Templars]that
the nineteenth volume of the "MEMOIR ES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ ROYALE DES ANTIQUAIRES DE FRANCE" contains an account of the church of Brelevennez, that belonged to the order of the Temple, and there was a copper medallion, with a small circle, within which was inscribed a six-pointed star surrounding a second circle, containing within it the LAMB of the order of the Temple holding a banner.

David’s Menorah

David’s star Menorah israeli art

Artist: David Soussanna

Davids Menorah was placed in the Nation Square near the Israeli Parliament in November 2007.

Logo Made From Hebrew Letters

Logo Made From Hebrew Letters jewish star

Medical center Hillel Yaffe celebrates 50. Its Magen David logo is made from the Hebrew letters for Hillel. More logos that are made from Hebrew letters are

Im a Zionist



Hayim Shtayer shot this photo . (c) Hayim Shtayer 2008