Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fireworks at the Opening of an Art Exhibition

products magen David Fireworks
Yesterday I went to participate in the opening of “Star of David” exhibition in Tasha Gallery, 42 Frishman, Tel Aviv. I met there three of the artists: Hanoch Ben Dov, Ofir Nave, Reli Wasser. I enjoyed every work of art I saw, so much that I told Reli if I could afford it I would have bought them all. At the end there were fireworks in the shape of the Star of David that added to the festive atmosphere.

Dick Ben Dor's Exhibition in Paris

Israeli art magen david Photo is courtesy of my friend Dick Ben Dor who brought me the catalog of his exhibition in June 2007 in the famous Mona Lisa Gallery in Paris. On the front we see six Stars of David representing the six days of creation surrounding the seventh day, Sabbath. On the back of the catalog we see another Star of David work titled Hope depicting the holocaust with black rivers of blood on the bottom and with the word HOPE on the top triangle.

YMCA Lampshade

YMCA Lampshade Jerusalem hexagram
Photo is courtesy of my friend painter Dick Ben Dor who went to a concert in YMCA in West Jerusalem and noticed this splendid Star of David on a lampshade with its amazing Star of David shadow. As I already wrote the YMCA in West Jerusalem is one of few places dedicated to bridge between Christians Jews and Muslims. The Star of David is a bridging emblem that is in use in all major religions but in YMCA it is representing only Judaism since, IMHO, the YMCA builders didn’t know how important it is to all religions.