Friday, October 20, 2006

Double Tetraktys in Urinal

This Hexagram picture is courtesy of "veen" who published it on Flickr under the title "Star of David in urinal". I think this is a double tetraktys, and not a Star of David, same as the one that appears on the one-dollar-bill. 
The tetraktys of the number ten is made of ten dots arranged in four rows representing the numbers 1-4. When you add to it another tetraktys turning to the opposite side some of the points overlap and you get this double tetraktys. Anyhow I'm convinced that the designer of this urinal meant no harm...

Berlin, Germany, New Synagogue

Golden Star of David on the golden dome of the New Synagogue of Berlin which was built in 1866 in Moorish style. It was the largest synagogue in Germany with seats for up to 3000 members. The building was damaged in air raids In 1943 and reconstructed in 1995.
Picture is courtesy of "[martin]" who published it on Flickr.

Black Hebrew Israelites

A sign in Harlem, New York .
On the left side of the Hexagram there's a link to a website. I tried it - it's broken.
ICUPK stands for
Israelite Church of Universal Practical Knowledge

I read that

Some of the ICUPK's contentions [are] that the apostles and prophets of the Bible, including Jesus, were black, and that people of color make up the true 12 Tribes of Israel.
Picture is courtesy of "" who published it on Flickr.