Tuesday, June 20, 2006

hidden synagogue

Photo of  hidden synagogue Magen David is courtesy of Jessica Gonzalez aka "Captain Che" from Flickr 

Titus Gate

Photo courtesy of Martin Begrich ("rishon-lezion") from Flickr
Researcher Uri Ofir deduced from this Menorah that " the sculptor of the Titus Gate created a lily that had 6 petals out of which we see only 3 in side projection". Uri Ofir claims that this is one of the proofs that the Star of David started from the Menorah.
The following paragraph is from Dr. Asher Eder’s book The Star of David, which was published in 1987 in English in Jerusalem by Rubin Mass Ltd. The publication here is courtesy of Oren Mass
This version includes corrections and new materials that do not appear on the printed version
Another ancient symbol of harmony and peace is the Menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum supported by three legs:
In our context, this may tell us that peace, betokened by the Menorah, cannot be established upon one or two legs; all three of them, symbolizing the three main descendants of Abraham and their respective religions, are required to reach a stable peace.
We may infer this from a saying by Solomon, the King of Peace, who said in his wisdom that "a threefold cord is not easily broken."
A mere changing or redesigning of symbols will not do. The actual change requires a relearning which would indeed be the learning of the ways of the God of Jacob, as enjoined by the Prophets. Such a process of reeducation may last for several generations, till we can really "beat the swords into plough shares."
While Christians have at least begun this process through events such as the Vatican Council II and the recent declarations of several Protestant Churches, the Islamic world still needs a harbinger for this new age of grace and truth, righteousness and peace.
May it be God's Will that Mankind comes to understand this without another destructive and devastating war.

Anti Zionist Cartoons

I read an article about The Arab Media's Portrayal of Jews, which had several examples of anti Zionist cartoons (out of thousands that are published every year). It seems that there are people who need this food and pay for it.  One of the main means to instantly identify Zionism is the cartoonist's use of the Star of David. 
 Akhbar al-Khalij, January 29, 2006 (Bahrain)
Danish cheese shaped like a Star of David to show the Zionist penetration in Denmark.
Ash-Sharq, February 19, 2006 (Qatar)
The "Western media" bows in front of a menorah with a Star of David.
Al-Watan, January 6, 2006 (Qatar)
A Jew with a Star of David inscribed on his cylinder hat digs a tunnel in the shape of the Star of David under the Temple Mount mosque.
 Al-Bayan, December 22, 2005 (United Arab Emirates)
An Ultra orthodox Jew with a Star of David on his hat and on his shirt is playing Yo Yo with a ball in the shape of the world.
Al-Yawm, December 1, 2005 (Saudi Arabia)
The words born to kill designed so that the K of Kill is made by strengthening certain lines of a Star of David and the letters LL are made by the blue stripes of the Israeli flag.
 Ar-Rai, November 5, 2005 (Jordan)
A Palestinian kid is crucified on a Star of David.
Al-Watan, February 3, 2004 (Oman)
An Ultra orthodox Jew with a Star of David on his overcoat slaughters a Palestinian with the Arabic words Feast of the Immolation.
Tishrin, April 21, 2002 (Syria)
An Ultra orthodox Jew with a Star of David on his overcoat stands on a pulpit in USA while the statue of Liberty lays smashed on the floor.

The Fleet of King Solomon

Uxmal  hexagram
From: Second Annual Report Of the Bureau of Ethnology for 1880‑1881, Washington, 1883, Pl. 57, No. 5, William H. Holmes, Art in Shell of the Ancient Americans pp. 174‑305.

I read on Symbols.com, an online Encyclopedia  of religious symbols, that the Star of David appeared in pre-Columbian America in Uxmal on a cliff engraving from around 1000 C.E. Encyclopedia sounded to me like a good enough authority so I followed it and found thousands of photos of Uxmal  on Google Images search engine. After I was convinced that such a place is not a fantasy I found a report by Dr. Greg Little who filmed a documentary in 2004 in the National Archaeological Museum of Guatemala where he saw another Star of David that was discovered in Tikal  
Uxmal is a large ruined city of the Maya civilization in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. Tikal is in the Peten region of Guatemala - the largest ruined city of the Maya civilization.

These findings are most probably hexagrams, but there is a slight chance that they  are Stars of David used by the Israelites from the fleet of King Solomon.
On October 16, 1971 professor M. Wells Jakeman from Brigham Young University published an article titled “The Star Of David In Ancient America?” with a  Fig. 1. 
Part of sculpture in bas-relief on a Stela recently unearthed in Campeche, Mexico, and now in the National Museum of Mexico...According to Prof. Alexander von Wuthenau of the University of the Americas in Mexico City (as reported by the Associated Press on March 23, 1971), the ear ornament is an earring which has in its center the "Star of david,"…
See also: Goblet d'Alviella, The Migration of Symbols (London, 1894, p. 226, Fig. 128)