Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Star of David and the Evel Eye

Ritual and Belief in Morocco:, Volume 1, 1926, by Edward Westermarck p. 465
"The eye is often represented in the form of a triangle. Fig. 102 ... But if the eye is thus conventionalised into a triangle, we may suppose that the two intersecting triangles with a small round figure in the centre are a conventionalised pair of eyes with a common pupil. This figure, called hatem slimaniya sdasiya is very prevalent. It occurs, for instance, on Moorish coins Fig. 103, and, drawn on a paper and provided with inscriptions from the Koran, it is used as a charm against the evil eye. Sometimes a small "eye" is added outside each point of the triangles, as is shown by Fig. 104 representing a charm which is used at Fez". 

Star of David on a flag from 1253

Source: Lapidario (1253 ) by Alfonso X (the Wise),  
King of Castile (1221 –1284)