Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pyramids Are Interlaced Triangles

I stumbled upon Egypt Revisited By Ivan Van Sertima and copied the following excerpt:
In regards to their esoteric meaning, the pyramids appear to have symbolized the fusion of heaven and earth or, more correctly stated, spirit and matter. This is seen in the Hermetic symbol of the interlaced triangles (now erroneously called the Star of David). One triangle pointing up reflecting the ascent into spirit, and one pointing down representing the descent into matter. Known by the Egyptions as the star of creation it also embodies the axiom “as above so below”, that which we see in our solar or macro system with the sun at its center and the several planets which orbit around it, we also see in the micro system or cosm in the minute atom with its nucleus, and the protons, electrons and neutrons, which likewise orbit around it.

I sent it to Dr. Asher Eder and asked him to comment. Here is what he said:
Nice idea - but where from does that author take the idea that the pyramids are interlaced triangles?
Why does he say the hexagram is e r r e o n u s l y called "Star of David"?

Centenary Of "Ort" Stamp

Star of David Postage Stamp A blue Star of David on the background of a colorful cogwheel on the Centenary Of "Ort" Stamp.
Day of Issue: 15/01/1980
Designer: Israeli artist Moshe Pereg born 1941) graduated from Hornsey College of Art in London in 1966…Since 1971 he has worked in an independent graphic design studio… He has won numerous awards for his work, including prizes for postage stamp designs for Israel and the United Nations.

Eliyahu Chair

Photo of a Star of David on Eliyahu Chair used in the circumcision ceremony is courtesy of "joao1983" who published it on Flickr. He shot it at the synagogue of the Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.