Wednesday, April 18, 2007

O. J. Graham

I think that Six-Pointed Star: Its Origin and Usage by O. J. Graham is responsible for the spreading of the 666= Six-Pointed Star. The question is if he had previous sources to lean on. I read many articles that quote him...
There are 1,130,000 results in Google for six pointed star mark of the beast and 33,200 for six pointed star mark of the beast O. J. Graham

Alexander Mann told me that Yan Van Helsing wrote similar things in his second book, but this book was published in the 90th while O. J. Graham published his first edition (out of four) around 1983

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Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star: Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the  Jews, Zionism, and the Rothschilds by Texe Marrs 432 pages, 2011, ISBN-10: 1930004575

Lucian Craciun comments
... and here is the proof: old photos of the  "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", dating from 1912
 to 2005, most of which are asociating the Jewish  Hexagram with devil-symbols or death-symbols (the  snake, skulls, blood, etc.) and making repeated  references to the word "Antichrist".  The oldest photo, the one from 1912, has the  two 'Seals of Solomon', (i.e., the Pentagram and the  Hexagram), and under each one the words: "Pec'at'
 Antihrista", meaning "the Seal of Antichrist". (Above the Cross we see the words: "Symb[ol of]
 Victory"). The words below I don't know what they  mean.

The Most Israeli Thing

Israeli art Jewish starPhoto is courtesy of Tzfat Artist Reli Wasser, who sent me the following caption:
The Star of David, the emblem of Judaism all along history; The work is composed of a small bottle of olive oil, olive tree chunks, pebbles and shells from the Kineret lake, the most Israeli thing, with a strong connection to the LAND. All within the frame of our symbol - so Jewish and so Israeli…


mandala Israeli art Jewish StarOfira Oriel got so excited from the Star of David Symposium in Yavne at the beginning of this month, that she ran home and made this new work. I already met a few artists who went through a similar process. I guess it has to do with the POWER of this ancient emblem.
In the center of this colorful Mandala we see three Hebrew letters: Mem Hey Shin which compose one of 72 names of the Lord. The kabala attributes to these combinations of letters virtues that help solve problems in various fields of life. Mem Hey Shin is supposed to help solve health problems.
Acrylic on Bristol paper 20x20

Anat Aderet

Yellow Badge poemPicture is courtesy of Anat Aderet who published this poem on her blog in the shape of a Magen David. Here is my translation:
I am a descendent of a Jewish family who lived in the Diaspora. Both my grandmothers were exterminated in the Holocaust. My daughter asks: "mother, have you been born in the destruction of the second Temple or in the Holocaust". “No”, I answer her. “ I was born in Israel and I am a Jewess, and I am an Israeli and I am a link in a chain, and I am the continuation, the next generation, and it is a mission, after 2000 years of Diaspora, and what really matters is that after all I am here, somehow".

The frame is my addition and it was made in Photoshop. I introduced the yellow color in order to hint at the Yellow Badge.