Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Layers of Meanings

star of David LayersNevi'im St. 5 . First there was the door, then came the star of David... maybe fifty years later the stripes and only recently the 60 to mark the 60th year of Israeli independence.

Israel @ 60 Disc

 Stars of David map of IsraelThree Stars of David accompanied by the map of Israel and the number 60 on the cover of
Israel @ 60 Disc which contains 18 songs
Photo by Hayim Shtayer
Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2008

Israel’s Many Gifts To The World

See amazing Star of David designs on the Flash presentation of Ads4Israel - made from cellular phones, pencils, barcode, stethoscope, drug containers, syringes, balls, ropes, ribbons, hearts.

Ads4Israel is a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to producing and running ads in the mainstream media to promote Israel’s many gifts to the world…Founded by ad executive and community leader David Suissa.