Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Blog That Has A Booth

Star of David products on Yevu-Yashir's-Booth in Binyaney Ha'uma, International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem(ICEJ)Fair, Tabernacles 2007. We see also our wonderful neighbors on the clip and hear the amazing noise that 5000 people can make when they are scattered in the same hall...

International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Fair -1

Star of David products

Last glowing Star of David on Yevu Yashir's Booth in Binyaney Hauma, International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ ) Fair, Tabernacles 2007. On the right a Japanese doll for inviting customers to the booth.

Feminist Haggadah

Star of David on a Feminist Haggadah 1996

Photo of Star of David on a Williams College Feminist Haggadah 1996 Feminist Haggadah is courtesy of "rbarenblat" Who published it on Flickr. 

Cigarette Cards

Solomon’s Seal Cigarette Cards

Picture of Solomon’s Seal on a Wills’s Cigarettes postcard
is courtesy of pictorial history collector Stephanie Comfort
who published it on Flickr.
This is one of 50 trading cards depicting amulets and talismans published in England during the 1920s by W. D. & H. O Wills, makers of Wills's Cigarettes