Saturday, February 09, 2008

Memorial To Jewish Soldiers Who Fought In The Polish Army

Star of David Yellow Badge Memorial

Menorah and a yellow Star of David (to remind us of the Yellow Badge) on the Mount Herzl Memorial in Jerusalem - dedicated to Jewish soldiers who fell in action in World War II in the ranks of the Polish Armies.

Policemen Memorial, Herzl Mount

logo is made from a Star of David Herzl

Yeheskel Sahar, first Israeli Police Inspector General, who was an amateur painter, designed the logo of the Israeli Police, which is seen here on the stone that marks the burial site of policemen in Herzl Mount. The logo is made from a Star of David surrounding the Hebrew letter Mem, which is the first letter in the Hebrew word for "police". It is surrounded by olive leaves, which symbolize peace.

My English book about the Star of David

my English book about the Star of DavidIn the opening page of my English book about the Star of David, which I’m going to publish soon, I arranged the copyright notification in the shape of a Star of David, just like E.M. Lilien did in Songs from the Ghetto in 1902. It is homage to E.M. Lilien, the first Zionist painter, whom I adore and cherish, as well as a visual message to the reader about what he’s going to experience in the next pages. In addition, it makes the most boring part of the book into something, which is worth contemplating…