Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Warsaw Guetto Banknote

Guetto Banknote Jewish star History Photo of Star of David on a Warsaw banknote is courtesy of David Diamant and if you have more information about it please email him:
David Diamant wrote to me that these banknotes were allegedly issued by the Jewish underground on spring 1941 but it is not clear if they were really used in the guetto. On the banknotes appear the letters RZwW which stand for Rada Zydowska w. Warszawie = Jewish council in Warsaw = The Judenrat

Headstone in Castleton Churchyard, Derbyshire

Photo of Star of David, pentagram, Lily and other symbols on a Headstone in Castleton Churchyard, Derbyshire is courtesy of evissa who published it on Flickr and wrote to me:
I've no idea why this headstone has all this Masonic symbolism - I can only presume that the deceased was very involved with the freemasons.

Maccabi Glasgow, Scotland

Photo of (1933) Star of David logo made from the Hebrew letters Mem Beit Caf Yod (of the word Maccabi) is courtesy of "wingatetilwedie"  who published it on on Flickr and wrote to me that
It is the emblem of Glasgow Maccabi Sports Club.