Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drora Weizman, Plan 2001

Star of David appears on an artwork by Israeli artist Drora Weizman titled Plan 2001

Size: 15X 22 cm

Drora wrote to me:

Collage paper and electronic components on a wood platform. At the bottom under the red wires theres a silver Star of David made from the wrapping of a chocolate coin.

The work was created after a terrorist act in 14.4.01 at Kfar Saba and a few other

terrorist acts at Netania.

The work points at two main possibilities:

1. To connect all the components so that Herzl’s vision would come true.

2. To connect and wire all the components so that the whole package would explode.

Copyright:Drora Weizman 2008

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