Sunday, January 13, 2008

Indian Red Star of David

Indian Red Star of David
heeb ville, originally uploaded by Ben Piven.

Israelis who visit India might get confused when they see "their" Magen David Adom on the walls. These are Indian six-pointed stars and whodisan215 from Flickr who shot this photo few week ago tells me that they are frequently seen everywhere in India.
Copyrigts: whodisan215 2008

Vendor In Jewtown, Cochin

Indian-Six-pointed-starsVendor in jewtown, cochin, originally uploaded by Ben Piven.

Photo of three blue Indian Six-pointed stars om a window grill behind a vendor in Jewtown, Cochin is courtesy of whodisan215.
Copyrights: whodisan215 2008

Baalbeck Bust-2

Baalbeck Bust-2 HexagramPhoto is courtesy of Ben Piven who shot it in Baal beck, Lebanon. This is the continuation of the hexagram pattern in the ceiling of the Temple of Bacchus, Baalbeck, Lebanon from the second century C.E.
Copyrigt: Ben Piven 2008