Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Blue Star of David on a white armband as part of a work created by Akiva Kenet Segan

Copyright: Akiva Kenet Segan 2008


Photo plates from the "Wooden Synagogues" book, portions of which were used to draw images depicted in the young man's torso between his shirt collar and arms folded across his chest. In the Wooden Synagogue book photo above, there are five flying birds in the synagogue wall-painting towards the upper left of the photo. In the artwork, the birds were painted above the violin - seen directly below the man's left arm - seen on viewer's right. Photo (below at left) of the Torah parchment from the book 'The Last Jews of Eastern Europe.' Photo at lower right of detail of a wooden synagogue wall, some of which was drawn in the torso area of Young Man with Star....

The yellow patch was not uniform in all the places under the Third Reich regime and at least at the start there were a few blue Stars of David on a white arm band. It was somewhat like precursor of the Israeli flag.

Lody Means Ice Cream In Polish

Star of David as part of a work created by Akiva Kenet Segan

Copyright: Akiva Kenet Segan 2008


UWG Art No. 21

The child victims portrayed in this mixed media piece were drawn from Warsaw Ghetto photos - the child at viewers left from a photo by Nazi soldier Heinz Jost [see also UWG Drawings No. 7, 9, and 33]. Josts caption for the photo stated:
On the sidewalk in a side street I saw this tiny child who could no longer pull himself upright. The passers-by didn't stop. There were too many children like this one. Lody means ice cream in Polish. Store signs seen in Warsaw Ghetto photos pre-date the Nazi occupation and the sealing in of the ghetto. I was struck, living in Seattle ~ with my home city's close proximity to Alaska and Native American culture, by the incongruity of a store sign in the Warsaw Ghetto for Eskimo brand ice-cream.

Warsaw Ghetto Trolley

Akiva Kenet Segan drew this Star of David on the Muranow Street Trolley Car in the Warsaw Ghetto

Copyright: Akiva Kenet Segan 2008


Drawn from a photo in the book The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - 45th Anniversary (Interpress, Warsaw, 1988) this drawing became the first drawing of the Under the Wings of G-D series. The photo is in the chapter Life in the Ghetto.

I was struck by the three figures: the conductor and two men on either side of the of the front of the trolley, all of whom, I contemplated, probably went up in smoke in the gas chambers or died in the ghetto, itself a concentration camp where over one-hundred thousand people died in 1941. The trolley itself would have been removed by the Nazi's for its valuable metal.

The two wings were drawn on subsequent visits to the Burke Museum of Natural History at the University of Washington in Seattle.