Thursday, October 19, 2006

Symbol of Lord Shanmukha

Picture of swastika in the center of a hexagram  is courtesy of "Roshnii" who published it on Flickr. 
The swastika  symbolizes spiritual goal
The hexagram -  balance between action in the world and spiritual development
The lotus petals -  rising a above the day to day struggles

Swastika Sitting in the Star of David

Picture is courtesy of "premasagar' who published it on Flickr where it was viewed by more than 800 visitors, and started an interesting discussion about the meaning of the Swastika and the meaning of the Star of David. This is what I call photography at its best - making us think about what we see...

Magnetic Ribbon

There's a kind of overlapping between the Israeli flag and the Star of David as issues for my research. Usually I try to avoid the first just to make this distinction clear; but here it is so obvious that the Star of David is getting lost in these too long blue stripes that I decided to include it in my collection anyhow. I'm sure that the intent of the designer of this ribbon was good but since the Star of David gets way out of proporsion I wouldn't put it on my car...
Picture is courtesy of "jasoneppink" who published it on Flickr.