Tuesday, December 18, 2007

German Six Pointed Stars

Common knowledge is that Germans forced Jews during Third Reich period to wear the six- pointed stars. It seems hard to believe that Germans used this symbol for themselves – it may even seem a scoop, but Terry G. Jordan found out series of six-pointed stars in Texas German graveyards (and wrote about them in his book: Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy, University of Texas Press, 1984 ISBN 0292780702 p. 111):
selected six pointed hex signs derived from rubbings of Texas German
gravestones… double sechsstern Drudenfuss, New Braunfels old town cemetery,
Comal county, 1874.

(see the photo on p. 90 – it looks exactly like the Jewish Star of David)
In p. 112 he wrote:
Among the Pennsylvania Germans the term Hexefiess also meaning “witch’s foot” is
preferred the six-pointed variety, or hexagram. Is also. Along with the compass
star, called a sechsstern

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

Avi Shafran wrote in the Jerusalem Post on Oct 16, 2007 an article titled Star Power where he Quotes an answer written by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein in 1968 (Igrot Moshe, Orach Chaim 3:15)
to the question: is the Magen David symbol appropriate as an adornment for religious items? 
-the Magen David is an ancient Jewish emblem, and is therefore entirely properly displayed in synagogues and on religious objects. 

Interesting patriotic Hat

Interesting patriotic Hat magen DavidHaifa designer Hayim Shyater took this photo of an advertisement where the Star of David gives the hat patriotic meaning and makes it interesting
Copyrights: Hayim Shtayer 2007

Star of David Chanukiyah

Hologram jewish star
Shimon Hameiri found this Chanukiyah in the market in such a bad shape that the vendor gave it to him for free. He restored it and added it to the Western Wall in a Hologram, were it looks so vivid that spectators want to take it out and hold it in their hands
Creation's name : "Holotrag – Star of David Chanukiyah.
Size:35 x 45 cm
Technique: Hologram with glass.
copyright: Shimon Hameiri 2007