Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Son & Daughter of Zion

zion-flag-jewish-starFrom designer Hayim Shtayer's collection of Jewish New Year Cards
Stars of David are on the Pre-Israeli flag and on the chests of the Son & Daughter of Zion.
I rate this drawing as one of the most nostalgic drawings I ever saw.

Frustration After 60 years -2

holocaust-jewish-star-Israeli artPhoto is courtesy of Yossi Regev.
You should see it along with "Frustration After 60 years- 1" since they both express the feelings of Holocaust survivors (see the yellow badge at the bottom) who came to Israel 60 years ago full of hopes for a just society and got frustrated and angry (see the fist at the right side of the painting) in the last years.
Copyrights: Yossi Regev 2007
The work was made in 2002.

Torah Crown

torah-magen-davidRed Star of david above the Torah Crown and a blue one around it.
This is how people wished each other happy new year about hundred years ago: be a Jew, pray, remember Jerusalem...
From designer Hayim Shtayer's collection of Jewish New Year Cards.