Friday, October 26, 2007

Together We Stand

Israeli art+Bottles+magen-davidDvorit Ben Shaul's three Star of David colored Bottles stand together on my table - there's an added value to their being together - don't you think?

French Post Cancel

Postage Stamp hexagram
Photo of French Post cancel in the shape of a Star of David on an envelope that had been sent in 1860 is courtesy of Zerach from the [Hebrew] stamp collectors Forum called collect

Enriching The Experience of Buying

A few days ago a new commercial website joined the WWW. It sells Star of David Jewelry.
I let the owner of this commercial website to draw my postings by RSS Feeds in order to enable buyers to taste a bit of art and research while they rest from buying - it opens the road to put signs with poetry in the Malls...

Lately the site appeared so I leave this posting as a reminder of an adventure that failed.