Monday, September 18, 2006

The Star of David is a Homoshape

Yesterday I asked on Yahoo Answers:
How do we call the same shape when it has more than one meaning? Can you give an example?
On the details section I explained:
When the same word has different meanings we call it a homonym.
My example: The Star of David is a shape that has different meanings in different cultures...
In a few hours I got some interesting answers:
It was used as the logo of some European beer, but after the Nazis made it famous, the beer company changed its logo.
Cross is used in churches and it has a different meaning when you see it in the hospital.
How about "O"?
Can be used as a circle, a zero, the alphabet O.
In the feedback section I wrote:
Very good examples but no name - I'll have to invent one myself - I'll call it a homoshape.

Star of David in the Vatican

Picture is courtesy of Nathan Gibbs from Flickr who wrote to me:

I shot it for several reasons. First, the lines and color drew my eye. There's a lot of movement and I imagine it took some time to assemble the mosaic. I also thought it was curious that the symbol was on the floor of the Vatican Museum. It always seems a little odd to put sacred symbols on the floor people walk on, but I was also curious why this Jewish symbol would be on.

I am sure the designers of this floor didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings. There are many mosaic floors with the symbol of the cross all around the world. As for this photo I hope to find out where and when exactly it was made. 

Polymer Clay Bracelet

Picture of Polymer Clay Bracelet is courtesy of "shir_M" who published it on Flickr. 
Only after reading the title I started to understand what is going on in this lovely photo. Anyhow I liked the personal touch with which each Star of David is put on the bead, and the fitness of the colors.

Herzl's Birthplace

Herzl was born on 2-May-1860 in Dohany Street Synagogue, Budapest. 
Picture is courtesy of "Lawrence L" who published it on Flickr.
I believe most people are attracted to the central point of this photo and read what's written on the sign - I'm attracted to the bottom left where an iron gray Star of David is peeping just to remind us about the connection between the founder of Zionism and its emblem.