Saturday, March 17, 2007

Symbols Are Very Dangerous Things

On December 18, 2005 Rabbi Jeremy Rosen wrote on his Blog
Symbols are trivial but very dangerous things. For millions of people the Cross is a source of comfort and reassurance. But if it has been held over you or your relatives while they were being burnt, raped or slaughtered, then the Cross is a hated symbol of pain and oppression. The same can be said of the Crescent, the Star and Sickle and... the Magen David. If you are wearing the wrong football shirt in Istanbul there is a serious chance of getting stabbed, and in parts of England having a broken beer bottle shoved in your face. And if you wear a kippa or a hijab in parts of France you run the risk of violence... Religion, Politics or Sport are all often the excuse for mindless thugs to use violence.

Male And Female In Jewish Mysticism

Canadian Rabbi Asher Jacobson said in an interview about the Da Vinci Code:
In Jewish mysticism it is explained that the Star of David is the symbol of the world and of God. The arrow pointing downwards is God. God is seen as the male because God is the one that gives life. God is the creator, the father, the master. The world, the universe, everything of creation is compared to the female for it receives. It receives life, it receives sustenance, it receives Godliness. This is similar to the chalice and the blade… although I think in the novel the roles are reversed with the downwards triangle being the feminine and the upwards triangle being the masculine. 

Bali-Beg Mosque in Serbia

Solomon's Seals in a window of the 16th century Bali-Beg Mosque, Niss Fortress in Serbia, which was built by local Turkish ruler Bali beg.
Picture is courtesy of Babsi from Flickr whose works I adore...