Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Paper Cut Pomegranate

Magen David on a paper cut made by Zipora Ne'eman in the shape of a pomegranate. 
Picture is courtesy of Zipora Ne'eman.

Crown of Peace

Magen David on an original paper cut made by Zipora Ne'eman he Hebrew letters in the middle are SHALOM = peace. The hands represent the priestly blessing (Birkat Kohanim).
The paper cut is in the shape of a king's crown.
Photo is courtesy of Zipora Ne'eman
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Priestly Blessing Paper Cut

Magen David above a menorah in a Zipora Ne'eman Paper Cut, titled Birkat-Kohanim (Hebrew = Priestly Blessing). 
This work took part in the Yavne Star of David in Israeli Art exhibition opened on 23 March 2007. Curator: Roni Reuven.

Zipora Ne'eman sent me the following caption for her work:

"Let God bless you and keep you… and give you peace"
42X42  cm