Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mike Cloud

Photo of Stars of David in Mike Cloud’s work is courtesy of 
"hoggardb" who published it on Flickr.
Title: "Chicken with Two Stars of David",
oil on linen with toy from children's game
Size: 39.25" x 37.75" x 40"
I like this work because it measures the boundaries between painting and sculpture. It makes one wonder if we glue ONE painting to a floor if it is enough to call it a sculpture?

Decoration from Temple Ruins in Baalbeck

Photo of a hexagram inscribed in stone found in the Temple Ruins in Baalbeck is courtesy of "whodisan215" who published it on Flickr. This is the second hexagram from Baalbeck ruins that I publish here. 

Temple of Bacchus Ceiling, Baalbeck

Photo of bust inside a hexagram in the ceiling of the later 2nd century Temple of Bacchus, Baalbeck, Lebanon is courtesy of "whodisan215" who published it on Flickr.